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Презентация "Animal idioms"

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Amazing animal-verbs and idioms


  • Idiom- is a phrase which means something different from the meanings of the separate words from which it is formed.

  • Глагол
  • Значение
  • To dog
  • To follow close behind someone
  • To ape
  • To copy
  • To horse around
  • To play roughly or waste time in rough play
  • To parrot
  • To repeat without thinking or understanding
  • To make a monkey of someone
  • To make someone appears foolish
  • To pig out
  • To eat food greedily
  • To badger
  • To persuade by asking again and again
  • To fox
  • To confused


  • 1. When pigs fly – that thing will never happen!
  • 2. The straw that broke the camel’s back – one last thing that finally made the you upset.
  • 3. All bark ( no bite ) – acting aggressive but not willing to fight…
  • 4. Crying wolf – is to call for help when you don’t really need it…
  • 5. As sick as a dog – when you are very tired and ill.
  • 6. A wolf in sheep’s clothing – it is a dangerous person pretending to be harmless.
  • 7. Don’t count your chickens ( until they’ve hatched ) – don’t make plans based on uncertain events.
  • 8. Dog-eat-dog. People are looking out for their own interests.

1. Every dog has its day

  • 1. Every dog has its day
  • 2. Every dog is a lion at home
  • 3. A good dog deserves
  • a good bone
  • 4. A dog in the manger
  • 5. The dogs bark, but
  • the caravan goes on
  • 6. Let sleeping dogs lie
  • Собака на сене
  • По заслугам и честь
  • Будет и на вашей улице праздник
  • Собака лает, ветер носит
  • Не буди лихо, пока оно спит
  • Всяк кулик в своём болоте велик

a) Very pleased about something.

  • a) Very pleased about something.
  • b) To do something that makes people angry.
  • c) Last your tongue?
  • d) In a nervous or excited way.
  • e) Fighting badly.
  • f) Somebody rich and powerful.
  • h) To tell people a secret.
  • 1. A fat cat
  • 2. To let the cat out of the bag
  • 3. Like cat and dog.
  • 4. Like a cat on hot bricks.
  • 5. Like the cat that got the cream.
  • 6. Put the cat among the pigeons.
  • 7. Has the cat got your tongue?