Конспект урока "Prepositions" 4 класс

The theme: Prepositions
Form: 4 «В»
Kind: аралас
Type: жаңа сабақ
Educational: Оқушыларға ағылшын тілінде «предлогтар»
тақырыбын түсіндіріп, оларды сөйлемде дұрыс қолдана білуге
Developed: Көру және есте есте сақтау және сөздік қорларын
Cultural: Тілге деген сүйіспеншіліктерін ояту
Methods of the lesson: сұрақ-жауап, жекелей жұмыс
I.Org. moment
-Good morning, Good morning
- Good morning tеаcher
Get ready for the lesson!
Let`s start our lesson with phonetic drill. Please, look at the blackboard
and listen to me.
I like toys
Cars and balls
Kites and dolls are
My favourite toys
- listen to me and repeat after me
- alltogether
II. Checking up the homework. What was the hometask?
III. Presentation of the new material. Today we start new lesson. The
name of our theme `` Prepositions ``.
The book is on the table
I live in Astana
I`m from Kazakhstan
He goes to school
Come to the blackboard
She lives in Kosmicheckaya street
Cергіту сәті.
Open you copy books and write down the theme and the date.
IY. Doing ex.
Fill prepositions in sentences on, in, from, to.
I live … Canada (in)
I`am … Kazakhstan (from)
The ball is … the table (on)
The flower is …the window (on)
She go … the shop (to)
Canada is built … 1954 in ()
Y. Hometask
Giving marks.
Сonclusion Do you like the lesson or not!
-The lesson is over! Good bye!