Презентация "Man Is The Seeker Of Happiness" 10 класс скачать

Презентация "Man Is The Seeker Of Happiness" 10 класс

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  • Man Is The Seeker Of Happiness.
  • Урок английского языка в 10 классе. Учитель Телидченко М.Н.
Two ways of happiness
  • To happiness you can go two ways. The first way is outside one. Acquiring better housing, better clothes, more pleasant friends, we can more or less find happiness and satisfaction. The second way is the path of spiritual development, and it allows you to achieve happiness in your soul. However, these two approaches are not equivalent. External happiness without an internal can not last long. If life draws you in black ink if your heart misses something, you will not be happy, no matter how luxurious yourself or surrounded. But if you have achieved inner peace, you can find happiness even in the toughest conditions.
Complete the text with the correct words derived from the words in brackets:
  • The word (happy) in the Ethics is a (translate) of the Greek term eudemonia. This implies that to be happy is to be (success) and (fulfill). Happiness is our highest goal. Most people think of happiness as (physics) pleasure or honour, but this is because they have a flawed view of the good life. The (concept) people have of happiness (frequent) does not line up with true happiness because people are not (virtue). Virtue is a (dispose) to behave in the right manner, which is instilled in a person from (child).











Answer the questions:
  • 1. Do you consider yourself a happy person? Why?
  • 2. What do you need to do or to have to become happy?
  • 3. What things usually make you happy? unhappy?
  • 4.Which things help you to cope with a black mood?
  • 5. In your future life which will be more important for your happiness – your work, your family or anything else?
  • 6. How can you create happiness for other people?
Complete the sentences:
  • 1. Happiness is ….
  • 2. The heart is happiest when …..
  • 3. .… makes us happy.
  • 4 …… makes us lonely.
  • 5. The place to be happy is ….. . The time to be happy is … . The way to be happy is …. .
  • 6. Happiness will never come to those who …. .
  • 7. When we are happy we ….
  • 8. To learn to be happy and optimistic you should … .