Презентация "Что мы знаем об Америке?" 6 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "Что мы знаем об Америке?" 6 класс

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Открытый урок по английскому языку в 6 классе по теме «Знакомство с Америкой» учителя английского языка ЧОУ СОШ «Альтернатива» Телидченко М.Н.

Открытый урок по английскому языку в 6 классе по теме «Что мы знаем об Америке?» учителя английского языка ЧОУ СОШ «Альтернатива» Телидченко М.Н.


Christopher Columbus

Columbus thought he was near India, so he called people Indians. By accident, he discovered a New World.

The USA is washed by …… In the north the USA borders on …and in the south - on ….


The White House

  • The Game“Star Hour”
  • 1) There are……states in the US.
  • A 19 b 23 c 50 d 48
  • 2) The greatest river in the USA is the………
  • A Amazon River b Colorado c Mississippi d Missouri
  • 3) About ……..million people live in the US
  • A 300 b 250 c 450 d150
  • 4) The US sometimes called the………
  • A “Old World” b” New World” c “Young World” d “Wild World”
  • 5) The Congress is divided into two parts the House of Representatives and the….
  • A Senate b Church c White Hall d Parliament
  • 6) A person who wants to become President must be at least……….years old.
  • A 35 b 18 c 24 d 45
  • 7) The first US President was…
  • A Columbus b George Washington c Bill Clinton d Abraham Lincoln
  • 8) Abraham Lincoln was the……President of the USA
  • A 2nd b 7th c 11th d 16th
  • 9) The official national symbol of the USA is ….
  • A the Statue of Liberty b) the Eagle c) the “Mayflower”
  • 10) The American flag is often called ….
  • a) Union Jack b) the White Eagle c) the Stars and Stripes
  • 11) What do Americans celebrate on the 4th of July?
  • a) Thanksgiving Day b) Christmas c) Independence Day d) Victory Day
  • 12) There are… stripes and … stars on the American flag.
  • a) 15… 50 b) 13… 25 c)13… 50 d) 15 … 25

  • 1.What is the capital of the USA ?
  • 2.When did Christopher Columbus discover America?
  • 3.What tradition did the first colonists start?
  • 4.What are the colours of the American flag?
  • 5.What do you know about the “Mayflower”?
  • 6.What national symbols of America do you know?
  • 7.What is the traditional American food for Thanksgiving Day?
  • 8.What tradition from the “Wild West” do you know?
  • 9.Who made special clothes – strong trousers called jeans?

“Some interesting facts about Americans” (let’s listen and discuss)

  • True or False ?
  • 1. Americans are afraid of new ideas.
  • 2. Americans like to be modern.
  • 3. They like to visit museums.
  • 4. Americans are interested only in old traditions.
  • 5. People from different countries came to the USA and made one country out of many.
  • 6. The Germans brought Christmas Day.
  • 7. The Scots brought St. Patrick’s Day .








Countable and uncountable nouns

  • It is a good …
  • It is wonderful …
  • What an interesting …
  • What tasty …..
  • What a tasty ……
  • Ideas, coffee, cheese, salt, answer, boy, bread, jam, tea, apple, banana, weather, air, butter, work, job, orange, egg, sandwich, pepper, hotdog, sugar, animals, girl, money, juice.