Конспект урока "Gadgets and household appliances" 7 класс скачать

Конспект урока "Gadgets and household appliances" 7 класс

Урок в 7 классе на тему “Gadgets and household
Цель: совершенствование навыков употребления лексики по теме , навыков
говорения и аудирования
- Образовательная: активизация употребления новых лексических единиц в
речи по теме Gadgets and household appliances.
- Воспитательная: формирование интереса учащихся к техническим
новинкам, развивать способность к критическому мышлению
- Развивающая: развитие логики, воображения и расширение общего
кругозора при помощи введения новых лексических единиц по теме
Оборудование: интерактивная доска, презентация Microsoft Power Point,
видео и аудиоматериал.
Ход урока
1. Организационный момент
Good morning, students! Glad to welcome you on the lesson! Hope you are
well. I am happy to see you all here today.
2. Warming up.
Well, I want to ask you one question before we get started. Have you got
any gadgets on the lesson today?
(Students: telephones, calculators, headphones, laptops)
Well done! And I think that you have already guessed that today we will be
talking about…
(Students: gadgets)
Учитель открывает первый слайд.
Учитель открывает второй слайд, на котором представлены вопросы.
Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы.
- What household appliances do you usually use?
- What are the main functions of household appliances?
- What gadgets are the most popular nowadays?
3. Vocabulary.
а) Знакомство с новой лексикой. (третий слайд)
учащиеся называют предметы, которые видят на слайде
-a blender
- a TV set
- a dishwasher
- a vacuum cleaner
- a fan
- an air-conditioner
- a battery
- a tablet
- a telephone
- a microwave oven
- a DVD
- a notepad
б) Активизация лексики по теме. (четвертый слайд)
What can you do if these objects break down? Think of all the possible
- a fridge
- a TV set
- a laptop
- a mobile phone
- a vacuum cleaner
- a dishwasher
- a blender
- a DVD player
4. Listening. Аудирование. Прослушивание текста 2 раза и ответы на
вопросы. (пятый слайд)
Listen to Endie talking about the last time he bought somebody a present.
Underline the answers he gives.
a) Who was the present for? My friend/sister
b) What was the occasion? Her birthday/wedding
c) Where did you go shopping for the present? To the city centre / on the
d) Did you know what you were going to buy? Yes, I did/No, I didn`t
e) What did you buy in the end? Jewellery/ A foot spa
f) How much did you spend? About $50/$15
g) Did you buy a card too? Yes, I did/No, I didn`t
h) Did the person like the present? Yes, she did/ No, she didn`t
i) Was it the sort of present you would like to receive? Yes, it was/ No, it
5. Video. Просмотр видеоролика. Развитие навыков восприятия речи
на слух. (шестой слайд)
-Просмотреть видеоролик 1-2 раза
-Ответить на вопросы по видеоролику
1. How many Ipads did Apple sell in 2010?
2. What are the advantages of Ipad 2?
3. Do you think tablets can replace books and notebooks?
4. Do you have a tablet? Would you like to buy it?
5. Speaking. Развитие разговорной речи по теме. (седьмой слайд)
Tell about your favorite gadget or household appliance:
- describe its advantages
- tell why it is your favorite
6. Итоги
Well, today we have learnt the names of different gadgets and household
appliances. And now you are able to talk about any of them. Also we
have improved our speaking and listening skills on the topic.
7. Homework
Написать рассказ на тему : “I can`t live without my…” (про любимый