Презентация "Traditional Costumes in the British Isles" 8 класс

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Traditional Costumes in the British Isles

National dress

National dress is the property of the people, the embodiment of its culture and traditions, displaying world view and way of life. Folk clothing carries the centuries-old traditions and customs of the regions, changing and improving. Traditions concerning national costume, passed down from generation to generation.

Each nation has its own peculiarities in national dress.

Now it is an integral part of modernity.


a pad of bells- подушка из колокольчиков

a long-sleeved dress –платье с длинными рукавами

knee-high white socks –белые носки по колено

black shoes- чёрная обувь

pleated woollen skirts- плиссированные шерстяные юбки

a goatskin bag (a sporran)-мешок из кожи козы

a loose white shirt- свободная белая рубашка

a tall black hat-высокая чёрная шляпа

a lace cap-кружевная шапочка

a long full skirt-длинная пышная юбка

a white apron-белый фартук


a basket-корзина

white trousers- белые брюки



a pin- булавка

a cloak- плащ  

Ireland. Irish traditional costume.

Irish folk costume - orange kilt, knee-length, long jacket, a shirt without a gate and a beret. The costume is almost lost. It is worn only musicians.

Irish traditional costumes make you think of Irish folk dancing. Female dancers wear a long sleeved dress, knee-hight white socks and black shoes. The colourful patterns on the dresses are based on Celtic designs.

Scotland. Scottish traditional costume.

Scottish Traditional costume. Probably the best known traditional costume in the UK is the Scottish kilt with its distinctive tartan pattern. Kilts were pleated woolen skirts, worn only by men, and fastened in front with a special pin. A goatskin bag called sporran was worn around the waist and a cloak was draped over one shoulder. Each clan or family had its own tartan design. The kilt is still worn on special occasions today.

One of the most famous national costumes of the world is a Scottish kilt.

Scottish takes woolen beret borderless with a pompom on top, sometimes with a cockade and a pen on the left side.

Wales. Welsh traditional costume.

Welsh Traditional costume. What everyone recognises about the Welsh costume is its tall black hat or beaver hat , worn over a lace cap. Women in the past wore it with a long full skirt and a white apron. A shawl, usually red, was worn around the shoulder. The outfit was complete with black shoes and stockings, and ladies carried a basket.

Morris dancing with its traditional costumes is a familiar sight in England. These dance are performed outdoors in country villages during the summer. The dancers wear white trousers, a loose white shirt and a pad of bells around the bottom half of the leg. Their hats are decorated with ribbons and flowers, and they wave handkerchiefs in the air as they dance.

England. Morris Dancing

English uniform

The British have a recognizable English uniform. Costume biffetors - gold embroidered scarlet camisole, stockings and a black round hat with fields, who are the guards of the tower of London.