Презентация "Pushkin’ Lyceum" 7 класс

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Pushkin’ Lyceum Wordlist
  • Ancient
  • Appear
  • Belief
  • Bless
  • educational institution
  • get acquainted
  • Lyceum
  • Light
  • Protector
  • Suburb
  • temple
  • Among the gardens and parks of the town Pushkin we can see a light coloured building of the lyceum. Before 1918 Pushkin was called Tsarskoe Selo. At the beginning of the 19-th century the great Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin studied there. Derzhavin blessed his first steps in poetry. At Tsarskoe Selo Alexander Pushkin got acquainted with historian Karamsin, poets Zhukovsky, Batushkov, Vyazemsky and philosopher Chaadaev.
  • The name of an educational institution – “lyceum” appeared in ancient times. One of the suburbs of the Greek town Athens was called Lykeion.
  • The temple of Apollo was there. According to the belief of ancient people, Apollo was the God of the Sun, the protector of poetry, music and art. The greatest philosopher Aristotel taught there.
  • The lyceum in Tsarskoe Selo was a symbol of the great traditions of the ancient school.
  • Where was Lyceum situated?
  • Petersburg b) Pushkin c) Tsarskoe selo
  • 2. When did Pushkin study in Lyceum?
  • 1811-1817 b) 1880-1890 c) 1905-1911
  • 3.Who blessed Pushkin’s first steps in poetry?
  • a) Zhukovsky b) Karamzin c) Derzhavin
4. Where the name ‘lyceum’ appeared from? a) Rome b) Greece c) Russia 5. Who taught lyceum’s students in ancient time? a) Appolo b) Aristotel c) Socrat 6. What subject was Pushkin good at? a) maths b) history c) literature 7. What language did not students study in lyceum? a) English b) German c) French 8. When did the students of the lyceum get up in the morning? a) at 6 a.m b) at 7a.m c) at 7.30 a.m 9 . When did the students of the lyceum go to bed? a) 9 p.m b) 10 p.m c) 11 p.m 10.How many hours per week did the students have French language? a) 5 hrs b) 6 hrs c) 8 hrs Keys
  • 1. c) Tsarskoe selo
  • 2. a) 1811-1817
  • 3. c) Derzhavin
  • 4. b) Greece
  • 5. b) Aristotel
  • 6. c) literature
  • 7. a) English
  • 8 a) at 6 a.m
  • 9. a) at 6 a.m
  • 10. c) 8 hrs