Сценарий "Treasure island" 4 класс

Ход игры
Good morning, children!
Today we’re having a very special lesson. Look at the white board. We’re going to visit a
treasure island. (Slide 1)? What’s the Russian for treasure”? Guess. (click) And What’s the
Russian for “island”? (click)
We are going to look for Jack Sparrow’s treasure.
I. (slide 2) You’ve formed two commands of two pirate ships.
(slide 3) But we need a map and it is somewhere in Jack’s room. Look at the
picture very carefully.
(slide 4) What object is missing?
(Slide 5) Where did Jack hide the map?
(Slide 6) In a book!
II. (Slide 7) Here is the map. Lets set sail! ( звучит музыка из фильма «Пираты
Карибского моря)
III. We’ve arrived at the island and here we’re going to look for Jack Sparrow’s
treasure with the help of his map.
IV. First, we meet Davy Jones and solve his riddles. Then we’ll have to pass through
the Enchanted woods. After that we are going to find a key for the castle entrance.
In the castle we’ll have to find a room where Calypso is waiting for our help. I hope
she’ll be very grateful to us for our kindness and intellect and she’ll give us Jack’s
V. (Click Davy Jones’ picture on the map) So, the first task is to solve Davy Jones’
riddles. Otherwise he wont let us go further. (см. Приложение 1) (Команды
получают задания с загадками. Во время работы можно воспроизвести
фоновую музыку с помощью специального значка динамика на слайде.
После выполнения задания и подведения его итогов учитель должен нажать
на значок «домашняя страница» на слайде.)
VI. The second problem is to pass through the Enchanted wood. (Click the picture
with the woods on the map. )People don’t understand each other in the Enchanted
woods because phrases in a dialogue are mixed up. Make up a dialogue and you’ll
find out something new about Jack Sparrow. (см. Приложение 2. Учитель
раздает командам разрезанные диалоги. После подведения итогов учитель
нажимает на слайде значок «домашняя страница»)
VII. We’ve passed through the woods and now we are at the castle door. Your task is to
do the crossword and find a key word. (Детям раздаются кроссворды, слова в
котором образуют ключевое слово. Учитель выводит следующий слайд)
VIII. Now we are inside the castle. But there are a lot of doors. We should find the room
where Calypso is waiting for us. Find the odd word and make a sentence with their
help. This sentence will help you find Calypso. (см. Приложение 3. Участники
получают листы с заданием найти лишнее слово и составляют предложение).
IX. (Если дети правильно выполнили задание и правильно выбрали дверь,
отобразится слайд с изображением комнаты, если ошиблись, появится
кирпичная стена. В этом случае необходимо нажать на значок «домашняя
страница»).Ok. We are in Calypsos room. Letcall her. (Дети вместе с учителем
громко зовут Калипсо. Далее урок может развиваться в двух направления.
Или выходит наряженная в Калипсо ученица, приветствует детей и выдаёт
им задание. Или учитель щелчком мышки переключает следующий слайд).
Jack Sparrow is Calypsos friend. She’s written him a letter but she is not good at
grammar and wants us to help her avoid mistakes in it. (см. Приложение 4.
Выдаётся задание, в котором детям надо выбрать правильную
грамматическую форму. После подведения итогов задания учитель щелчком
мышки переключает следующий слайд)
X. You’re great treasure hunters! Get your chest with money and jewelry! But it is
closed with a code lock! You’ll open it if you write the sentences in a correct word
order! (см. Приложение 5). (Слайд 13 с изображением закрытого сундука))
XI. Now you’re rich! Good luck! (Подводятся итоги игры и раздаются призы.)
Приложение 1
1. It’s your parents’ child, it is not your brother, and it is not your sister. Who is it?
2. Which month has 28 days?
3. Which letter is part of a body?
4. We have legs but cannot walk.
5. It is not a man, it is not a woman, but it teaches us.
6. I am black, and red, and blue, I draw a picture for you.
Приложение 2
- Hello!
- Hello, what’s your best friend’s name?
- His name is Jack.
- How old is he?
- He is 27.
- What does he look like?
- He has brown eyes and long dark hair.
- What is he like?
- He is funny.
- What’s his favourite food?
- Fish and vegetables.
- What does he like doing in his free time?
- He likes sailing.
Приложение 3
Find odds words and make a sentence with them:
1. Pink, Find, Chicken, Kitten
2. green, blue, pink, grey
3. armchair, table, bed, door
4. elephant, cat, flower, tortoise
5. bell, dolls, rubbers, pens,
and a
Приложение 4
1. He/ washes/ the dishes/ sometimes.
2. often/ How / do / play / you / tennis?
3. making / The / are / children / sandcastle/ a.
4. wear/ Tom / to /have / a / uniform/ doesn’t.
Приложение 5
Найди 5 ошибок в письме Калипсо.
Dear Jack,
Thank you for your letter.
I’ve got great news. I have a new friend. Her/His name is Betty. She always help/helps her
parents about the house. She have/has to get up early, make breakfast and wash the dishes.
She doesn’t /don’t have to water flowers or clean her room.
My friend likes paint. Now she paint / is painting a very nice picture with a tree and a birds.
Have you got a friend? What’s his hobby? What does he have to do?
Write back soon.