План-конспект урока "News around us («Все новости»)" 7 класс

План-конспект урока по английскому языку 7 класс
УМК «Английский язык в фокусе»
ГБОУ СОШ № 599 Приморского района г. Санкт-Петербурга Вострилова Р.Ф.
Тема: «News around us» («Все новости»)
Цель: развитие речевой компетенции учащихся через обобщение знаний по теме «News around us»
Учебный аспект: расширить знания страноведческого характера; ознакомить с новыми
лексическими единицами по теме урока, развивать навыки аудирования, чтения.
Развивающий аспект: расширение лексических средств речевого взаимодействия; развитие умений
диалогической речи и монологической речи; употребление Past Continuous в ситуации.
Воспитательный аспект: способствовать созданию условий для эффективной коммуникации,
сотрудничества и работы в команде.
Опорные понятия: лексика по теме: «Types of media», речевые клише по теме: «Emotions».
Тип урока: урок совершенствования знаний, умений и навыков
Педагогические технологии: технология сотрудничества, технология развивающего обучения
Ход урока
Этап урока
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность ученика
Good morning dear friends
How are you As usual we start our lesson with some
What is the date today
What day of the week is it today
Приветствуют учителя
Отвечают на вопросы
2 . Постановка цели
3 мин
Today I want you to find out the topic of our lesson and
you will see some photos.
So, what do you think the topic of our lesson is
Look, think and choose.
You are quite right.
During the lesson we are going to speak about news ,
about different types of media where we can find news,
about emotions that we feel reading newspaper
So, the theme of our lesson is «News around us»
Отвечают на вопросы
Вместе с учителем
анализируют и
информацию в цель
урока и задачи
3. Актуализация
субъективного опыта
5 мин
There are a lot of English proverbs about news.
Look at the screen. Pay attention to the fact that the
word news is singular. Read them out and give the
Russian equivalent for them.
Ill news goes fast.
No news is good news.
Bad news travels fast.
Bad news has wings.
Would you like to work in groups?
To form groups come here, take a card and take a sit
according to the types of media.
So, we have three groups, team №1, 2,3
Well, news means new information and reports of recent
events. Look at the screen. (questions)
Where can we find news?
What types of media do you know?
Учащиеся читают
пословицы и
пословицу на русском
Работают в группе
What does each type of media provide us with?
Dear students, on your desks you have cards. Each of
you has to take 3 cards and write down three words on
the topic. You have 1 minute. Start
Team 1speaker 1 red your words. As for others, if you
hear the word that you have already written. You can’t
pronounce it. Ok?
изученной грамматики
в ситуации
Let’s train the words on the topic in grammar
You can see pictures, they were taken yesterday
afternoon at 6 o’clock. All these people were using
different types of media. Answer the question
What was each person doing yesterday afternoon at 6
Mind your grammar. What tense should you use here?
Give your answers in your group one by one.
One more task using Past Continuous
Use the ideas to ask and answer questions about the
people in the pictures.
Do this task in groups. One of you will take cards in fan
and say to your left shoulder partner: «Pick a card, any
card». Your left shoulder partner will choose a card and
make up a question and ask his left shoulder partner. His
partner will answer and etc.
Remember- you work in team: if your partner has
difficulties help him. Ok?
Before you start let’s read the example.
Выполняют задания в
Отвечают на вопросы,
задают вопросы.
5. Изучение новых
знаний и способов
5 мин
Now I want you to find out what we are discussing else.
Look at the screen.
You are quite right, about emotions
So, news and media on the whole play an important role
in our life because they make us experience different
feelings and emotions. Look at these people and say
what emotions these people feel
На доске: He feels happy/worried…
She is shocked/sad…
Используя структуры,
описывают картинки.
2 мин
I think it’s time to have a rest. Stand up. Let’s do some
exercises for eyes.
Look left, right
Look up, look down
Look around
Look at your nose
Look at that rose
Close your eyes
Open, wink and smile
закрепление материала
12 мин
Are you ready to continue the lesson?
Open ST.B. p.38 ex.1 Read the task
Read the headlines and translate into Russian
To discuss these news use the language box on p.39
Work in pairs.
Well, look at the screen. You can see the first exchange
Of the dialogue. Read it out please. What do you think it
is? What do you think the interview is about?
Listen to the dialogue and check your guesses.
There are some cards on your desks. They are reporter’s
Уч-ся работают в
парах. Прослушивают
диалог и выполняют
задание. Проверяют
notes. Look through the questions and be ready to
complete reporter’s notes with necessary information.
Let’s check your answers.
8.Домашнее задание
2 мин
Our lesson is coming to the end. Your hometask for the
next lesson is to write a news story about Mr.Shiao and
what happened to him. For the task you should read the
dialogue on p.38
Запись домашнего
задания в дневники
9. Рефлексия учебной
деятельности на уроке
Now it’s time to reflex our lesson.
Самооценка уч-ся
Учащиеся высказывают
своё мнение о
достижении целей
урока, оценивают свою
работу на уроке,
высказывают своё
мнение об уроке,
используя структуры
I (ve) have just practised
phonetics/ read the text /
рracticed the
words;/retold the text/
practised grammar;/asked
and answered the