Презентация "Ecological clothing" 10 класс

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Project "Ecological clothing."
  • Кравцова Татьяна Владимировна
  • Учительангглийского языка
An introduction.
  • Ecological clothing is clothing which is used the natural raw materials from eco friendly areas. Another name is ethical clothing.
  • Clothing made from natural fabrics has a beneficial effect on the human body. 100% natural fibers are the main feature of eco clothing.
The inorganic materials are harmful to the environment.
  • Manufacturers of nylon and polyester while processing emit a huge amount of nitrous oxide. This is one of the reasons of the greenhouse effect.
  • Viscose is made ​​from wood pulp, which is treated with hazardous chemicals.
  • There are a large amount of pesticides, which use for cotton. Also a large plant of landing causes huge damage to the environment.
The eco fabrics benefits.
  • Quality of the organic clothing is better than the quality of the conventional clothing.
  • The plants are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.
  • The ecological cotton is stronger than the conventional cotton.
  • Fibers made by human hands from natural products (bamboo, corn or wood pulp) also can be used for clothing.
Some words about bamboo
  • Bamboo has long been used in East Asia in the manufacture of hats and shoes.
  • Nowadays a range of clothing made ​​of bamboo is very high. It's underwear, pants, jackets, socks, shirts, etc. The blended fabrics are also used in tailoring, for example, bamboo-cotton.
Some words about bamboo: the benefits of bamboo fabric.
  • 1. Clothes made of bamboo warms in the cold and gives a feeling of coolness in the heat.
  • 2. The bamboo viscose is pleasant to touch.
  • 3. Thermal, antistatic, super soft, easy disposal are another properties of bamboo fabric.
A notable trend: the germs clothing.
  • Suzanne Lee, a designer from London, found a way how manufacture ecological clothing. She grows clothing using bacterial cellulose. Bacteria multiply and form a dense film, which reaches an inch thick for a week.
  • This way the designer has created a line of bags, the "Scar Bodice" collection and a few jackets.
A notable trend: the garbage clothing.
  • The Harry Harvey Collection:
  • The 30 copies of Financial Times.
  • The old jeans.
  • The 7 Hawaiian shirts.