Презентация "Let the music begin" 9 класс

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Let the Music begin When the weather is wet, When the weather is wet, We mustn’t fret. When the weather is cold, We mustn’t scold. When the weather is warm, We mustn’t storm. But be thankful together Whatever the weather

«A Musical Tour

of Britain»

As for me I think… - Как для, я думаю…
  • As for me I think… - Как для, я думаю…
  • In my opinion… - По моему мнению …
  • As I see it… - На сколько мне известно






Benjamin Britain

1) The national Scottish instrument is…

the bagpipe

2) Scottish pipers led…

the soldiers to a battle, played for their royal masters, and at weddings and funerals.

3) The North of England is the land…

4) … write music for the bands

5) Central and Southern England is famous for

6) The bards meet at the…

7) You can hear the best choral music in…

8) … is one of the great classical music centres of the world.

of the brass band.

Britain’s best classical composers

Central Singing.

the village church.