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Презентация "School of our future" 6 класс

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School of our future School of the future I can not imagine our current school, in the future, too sophisticated nanotechnology. The perfect school of the future should consist not of nanotechnology. Ideal school is a school with all the facilities for the students and for teachers. The key to success №1 One of the main features of the ideal school - qualified teachers, because in many ways depend on the students ' knowledge. Teachers Teachers should be demanding to his disciples, strict, but at the same time and on the good, indeed, for each student needs an individual approach. The key to success №2 Not a few important and school curriculum; it should be interesting, understandable, but at the same time and not too simple, it is from the school program depends largely on the mental abilities of the student. The key to success №3 Also, for the full development of mental and talent development, need more clubs in the school in which students will take part. The key to success №4 And finally, each perfect and contemporary school should be equipped with appropriate equipment: new computers, devices etc.

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