Конспект урока "At An International Airport" 10 класс

Конспект урока на тему:
At An International Airport”.
Учитель английского языка: Евдокименко Юлия Александровна
Класс: 10
Цель: повышение уровня владения языковым материалом и говорением как
одним из видов речевой деятельности.
Задачи: - систематизировать и закрепить ранее изученный лексико-
грамматический материал по теме «В международном аэропорту»;
- развивать навыки монологической и диалогической речи;
- формировать языковые знания и совершенствовать речевые умения;
- развивать фонематический слух, память, логическое мышление;
- воспитывать сплоченность коллектива, ответственное отношение к
делу, воображение, смекалку, творчество в процессе иноязычной
Ход урока
I. Орг.момент.
Вступительное слово учителя
II. Фонетическая зарядка.
- Let’s start our lesson with a phonetical gymnastic. Look at the bb
(Демонстрация слайда 1). I’d like you to pronounce some words that will be of
some use in your projects and dialogues. Listen to me and repeat after me.
(учащиеся повторяют за учителем).
- Try to make up your own sentences with these words (ученики составляют
предложения со словами).
- Perfect work.
III. Создание мотивации.
- Just look here. Let’s answer some questions:
- Do you like to travel?
- What transport do you like to travel by?
- Would you like to travel by plane?
- Have you ever been to an airport?
- Do you have your own credit card?
- Do you know how to use it? (Демонстрация слайда 2)
IV. Целеполагание.
- Well, try to think what the topic of our lesson is? Look at the bb, remember the
phonetical gymnastic, questions we have just answered.
- Ответы учащихся ( At An Airport )
- You are right. The topic of our lesson is “At An nternational Airport”.
(Демонстрация слайда 3)
- What are you going to do during today’s lesson?
- Speak English, work in pairs, act out dialogues, answer questions.
V. Развитие навыков диалогической речи.
- Good of you. I want us to travel a little. Just imagine you are at San Francisco
Airport. Let us start our unusual trip!
1. At the check-in desk. (Демонстрация слайда 4)
Лика: Can I see your ticket and your passport, please?
Катя: Yes, here you are.
Лика: Thank you. I'm just looking for your US visa... OK, here it is. That's fine.
Have you got any baggage to check in?
Катя: Just this suitcase.
Лика: Please put it on the scales for me. (after a pause) Right. Twenty-six kilos!
I'm afraid our weight limit is twenty-three kilos per person.
Катя: I've got two really heavy books which I'm taking as souvenirs.
Лика: Unfortunately, we'll have to charge you 25 pounds for your excess
weight. Please go to that desk over there to pay the extra charge, (after a pause)
Would you like to sit in the aisle or by the window?
Катя: I don't mind. I'm travelling with my friends, so I just want to sit together
with them.
Лика: Oh! In that case, let me check you in all together. And why don't you put
your heavy books in your friends' bags? Then you won't have to pay the extra
25 pounds.
Катя: Thank you very much. This is very kind of you.
Лика: Not at all. Here are your boarding passes. You are boarding at gate 27B.
Boarding time is 1 p.m. and you mustn't be late. I advise you to get straight to
the security check. I wish you all a pleasant flight. Good bye.
Катя: thank you. Good bye.
2. At the security check. (Демонстрация слайда 5)
Кондрат: Right. Where do we go from here?
Хохлов: Here is the sign for Departures. Let's follow it.
Кондрат: How about a coffee before we go? I'm still not awake.
Хохлов: No, let's hurry up! There are a lot of shops and cafes everywhere.
We'll be able to have a coffee later.
Никита: The security check may take us a long time and I want to be able to do
my duty-free shopping. Things are a bit cheaper there and I need some
souvenirs for my American friends.
We must get ourselves ready. Take off your jackets! Empty your pockets! Get
rid of all liquids.
Кондрат: Oh. I've got a small bottle of juice. Do I need to get rid of it? David:
Yes, you do. No liquids are allowed in the hand baggage. So drink it up. Has
anyone got any sharp objects?
Катя: I've got a pair of scissors.
Никита: I'm afraid you'll have to throw them away. You'll be able to buy
another pair when we arrive.
Хохлов: You may have to take off your shoes. These security officers are a real
pain in the neck, aren't they?
Никита: You mustn't say that! These people work hard to make sure that your
flight is safe and nobody tries to blow up the plane. After the security check, we
go to passport control. It'll be quick. Then everybody may go where they want,
but remember, we must get to our gate on time. We mustn't be late for
Воробьева, Дроздова: Good morning. Get rid of all liquids. Empty your
3. At the snack bar (Демонстрация слайда 6)
Асташенко: I'm going to the snack bar.
Дорохова: Don't go away, David. The counselor will turn up as soon as you leave.
It's "Murphy's Law".
Болотная: What's "Murphy's Law"? (Демонстрация слайда 7)
Дорохова: It's a saying that means "If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong."
Асташенко: But we don't know if he'll come back in five minutes or in an hour
and I'm hungry. Doesn't anybody want something to eat?
Болотная: I'd like a sandwich, but I haven't got any cash on me.
Асташенко: I can lend you some money if you want.
Болотная: Thank you, but In fact, I've got a credit card. I just don't know how to
use it. (Демонстрация слайда 8)
Асташенко: I'll show you how to use it if you come with me.
Болотная: That'll be great, thanks.
Асташенко: Here is the machine. Insert your card into the machine. Choose the
language. Now enter your PIN code. Do you remember yours?
Болотная: No, but Mum has written mine in my notebook.
Асташенко: You should remember your PIN by heart. If somebody finds it in your
notebook, they can take your money.
Болотная: Right. I'll tell you as soon as I'm ready... Oops! I've made a mistake.
Асташенко: just try again, but be very careful this time. If you enter the wrong
PIN number three times, the cash machine won't return your card.
Болотная: But I'm afraid to try again. If the machine swallows my card, I'll have
no money at all.
Асташенко: What will you do when you need to buy something?
Болотная: All right, all right, I'll try again. What do I do next?
Асташенко: Choose the sum of money you want to take out. Then wait for your
card and your cash.
Болотная: (collects the cash) Wow, that was easy! Let's go and get something to
Асташенко: Well, it's good news. Our counselor has arrived and has brought four
more campers with him.
Дорохова: - Our board has already started. Let’s run quickly to the gates.
4. Security check.
Боброва: - Good morning. Show me your boarding passes, please.
-(after a pause) Well, take your seats, please.
5. At the airplane. (Демонстрация слайда 9)
Stewardess: - Good morning. I’m glad to see you! Fasten your seat belts. We are
going to take off. (Демонстрация слайда 10, 11, 12)
VI. Защита проектов.
- Our trip is over. We have just acted out the dialogues and now we want to show
some projects according to the topic of today’s lesson. Look at the bb.
(Демонстрация проектов с презентациями)
VII. Рефлексия деятельности.
Ребята, вот и подошел наш урок к концу. А сейчас мне хотелось бы чтобы вы
сказали, что смогли сделать сегодня на уроке. Посмотрите на доску. Давайте
закончим фразу
Today I could…
(Speak English, act out dialogues, answer questions, work in pairs, read English,
speak in public, understand English speech, revise some words, be in the airport)
(Учащиеся выбирают на доске фразы и составляют предложения)
VIII. Подведение итогов.
- Thank you for your active work. Your marks are…
- Our lesson is over. Good bye!