Конспект урока "Проблемы экологии" 10 класс

Урок с использованием ИКТ в 10 классе по теме: «Проблемы экологии».
Данный урок – заключительный урок по теме «Экология», урок контроля
ЗУН учащихся; учащиеся защищают проекты, подготовленные в форме
презентаций по теме: «Проблемы экологии».
Цели урока:
образовательная - развитие речевых умений, умения систематизировать
учебный материал, умения применять его в учебной ситуации;
развивающая – развитие самостоятельности, индивидуальности,
умения высказываться логично и связно, с достаточной скоростью,
выражая законченную мысль;
воспитательная - прививать учащимся любовь к родной стране, краю,
уважительное отношение к своему народу; воспитывать умение
работать в коллективе бесконфликтно и, следовательно, эффективно,
прислушиваясь к мнению товарищей; формирование
социокультурный аспект – экологическое воспитание, действия по
защите окружающей среды.
учебный аспект – контроль ЗУН по теме «Экология».
Оборудование: компьютерный класс, CD с записью музыки (для фона),
раздаточный материал: тест и кроссворд. Вопросы речевой зарядки. По
классу развешаны плакаты, рисунки, диаграммы по экологии всего мира
План урока.
1. Организационный момент.
Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls. Today well complete the topic
Ecologyand youll show your presentations, speak about ecological problems
and the ways of our planets protection, and listen to some information
connected with these problem s and do a crossword “Ecological problems”.
Let’s begin!
2. Речевая зарядка.
Teacher: Now our planet is in serious danger. What are the problems?
P1: The air is polluted, factories emit tons of chemicals.
P2: The water is polluted, it is spoiled with poison.
P3: Forests are cut down and the country side is spoiled.
P4: Animals are hurt, some kinds of animals are killed.
Teacher: What can we do to save our planet?
P5: We can reduce using water, gas, electricity.
P6: We can recycle tins, paper, and plastic containers. We can reuse glass
bottles, plastic bags.
P7: We can help animals.
Teacher: What should we do to help nature?
P8: We should put garbage in garbage bins.
P9: We should plant and water trees and flowers.
P10: We should clean parks, our school territory.
Основная часть.
3.1 Защита проектов, выполненных в форме презентаций, по разделам
темы: «Экология».
Учащиеся представляют свои презентации и отвечают на вопросы
одноклассников, затем оценивают ответы друг друга и определяют,
чья презентация лучшая.
Жизнь в XXI веке
Можем ли мы жить дольше?
Планета Земля и ее будущее.
3.2 RELAXATION: Song “We are the world”.
We are the world we are the children.mp3
3.3. Региональный компонент.
Учащиеся самостоятельно составляют рассказ «Ecological problems in
my town».
Примерный образец ответа:
I live in а quite town named Alexeevka. It is situated in Chernozem’e. In
Alexeevka there is the Tikhaya Sosna River. But it is polluted. “EFKO” Company
emits tons of chemicals into the air, that is why a lot of children and grown-ups
suffer from lung illnesses. I think to solve these problems we should unite and
make a green party to protect our countryside.
4. Чтение с извлечением конкретной информации.
Учащиеся читают текст «Environmental problems», письменно отвечают на
вопросы и получают отметки.
Text “Environmental problems”.
Suppose you get out of your house on an early sunny April day and see…
“Oh, what is it?” It is a yellow dandelion. It looks at you from the ground and says
“Protect me, please.” Do you know how much Russian people like it?
The poet Anna Akhmatova and writer Vladimir Soloukhin devoted their verse to
it. Faberge, a famous Russian jeweler, made a sophisticated figure of a
dandelion.Our land is full of beautiful flowers, plants, trees which grow and
blossom in the meadows, on the banks of the rivers and likes, in the forests and in
our gardens. Many flowers have become rare and vanish. Our useful insects: bees,
bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers can’t live in the atmosphere of
chemicals and pesticides. Excessive radiation and transport are harmful to people
and animals. But industry is developing sometimes without any care of the
We know that a great number of people all over the world are taking part in the
policy of controlling the atmosphere, the water, the climatic changes, because of
man’s interference in nature.
These problems become very pressing, the subject of many scientific meetings.
Let everybody remember: we live only once and not a very long life. We have one
earth for all those who love it and who do not.
1. What flowers was described in Anna Akhmatova and V. Soloukhin verses?
2. Call useful insects that can’t live in the atmosphere of chemicals and
3. Now people protect environement?
5. Аудирование с извлечением конкретной информации.
Учащиеся, прослушав запись текста «ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION»,
письменно выполняют тест и получают отметки.
Teacher: Please, now listen to the text “Environmental Protection”, look at the
sentences in the tests on your desks but first pay attention to the words on the
blackboard. Repeat them after me. I don’t ask you questions about the text, here is
a little test complete the sentences using the right word, we’ll see how you
understand the text.
The poisoning of the world’s land, air and water is one of the most important
problems of our civilization. The seas are in danger. Many companies dump
chemical and nuclear waste into water. The Mediterranean is already nearly dead;
the North Sea is following. The Aral Sea is on the brink of extinction. Half of the
lakes in the world are polluted. If nothing is done about it, one day nothing will be
able to live in the seas.
Air pollution is also a very serious problem. Because many factories release
sulfates into the air. When the sulfates mix with the clouds, acid rains fall and harm
all living creatures. In Cairo just to breathe the air is like smoking two packs of
cigarettes a day. Mexico City and 600 cities of Russia have dirty air. This causes
different diseases. Because of different kinds of pollution every ten minutes one