Презентация "Teenager life in Britain" 6 класс

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Teenager life in Britain
  • 6 класс
  • Module 4
  • Автор презентации:
  • Малеева Елена Александровна
  • Учитель школы №695 «Радуга»
Before you read
  • Try to remember the new words:
  • Quite a short day- достаточно короткий день
  • As well – так же
  • Let- позволять
  • Enough- достаточно
  • Agree- disagree- соглашаться - не соглашаться
Pocket money- money you get from your parents Semi-detached house- is a house where you have the same wall with your neighbour Try to remember the new words
  • Extra money- дополнительные деньги
  • Surf the net = use the Internet
  • Also- также
  • Soap opera- сериал
  • Get along with= have a good relationship- ладить с кем-то
  • Most of the time- большую часть времени
Argue- ссориться Translate into Russian
  • Most of the time, pocket money
  • Quite a short day, teenager
  • Enough, argue, also
  • Get along, extra money
  • As well, soap opera
  • Disagree, surf the net
Read the text at page 41 in your student’s book and answer the questions
  • Does he do a lot of homework?
  • How much pocket money does he get?
  • Does he help his mum around the house?
  • When does he play Playstation?
  • What music does he like?
  • Does he like sitcoms?
  • Has he got any sisters?
  • Does he like being a teenager?
Fill in the words. Listen and check. Answer the questions
  • Do you get any pocket money? How much money do you get?
  • What housework do you do?
  • Do you use a computer at home?
  • What is your favourite kind of music?
  • What is your favourite TV programme?
  • Do you play playstation?
Work in groups. Make notes about teenagers in Britain and in Russia Compare teenage life in Britain and in Russia
  • Thanks for good work