Контрольная работа по английскому языку 8 класс II четверть

1. Use these words to complete the sentences.
suffer , appear , species , environmental , pollutes , cut , earth , environment
,poisoned , chemicals, protect
For thousands of years people lived in harmony with …… (1) and it seemed to
them that natural riches were unlimited. Large cities with thousands of smoky industrial
enterprises ….(2) all over the world today. Every year world industry ….. (3) the atmosphere
with about 1000 million tons of dust and other harmful substances. Many cities …..(4) from
smog. Today humanity is facing numerous ……(5) problems. Sadly, not all human beings
realize or admit that we are the ones who cause these problems and we should be the first to
stop them and …….(6) our environment. Because of the industrial revolution the air is
polluted with awful …..(7); seas and oceans are ….(8) with oil spills. Many rare …..(9) of
flora and fauna are threatened with extinction. We should be proud to live on our wonderful
planet and always remember that the ….(10) is our home and it depends on us what it will be
2. Выберите наиболее подходящий вариант:
1. If I knew his address, I ___ him.
A visited B would visit C had visited
2. If Tom ___ the bus, he would have come to the meeting on time.
A hasn’t missed B missed C hadn’t missed
3. If Sue ___ anybody the news, it won’t be a secret.
A tells B had told C told
4. If I see Jill, I ___ her to call you.
A would remind B will remind C has reminded
5. If I were you, I ___ the red dress.
A had chosen B would choose C choose
6. If John ___ the local race, he will take part in the national championship.
A won B wins C would win
7. If Mike joined the studio, he ___ a great dancer.
A had become B would become C will become
8. If Jack hadn’t passed all the exams, he ___ the university.
A wouldn’t have finished B didn’t finish C hadn’t finished
3. Переведите условные предложения всех типов.
1. Если бы у меня был отпуск сейчас, я бы поехал на озеро Байкал.
2. Я посмотрю этот фильм, если он понравится тебе.
3. Если бы ты подписал документы вчера, мы бы отослали их сегодня.
1.Use these words to complete the sentences.
environmental disasters pollution recycling plant responsible reduce
development global waste
……(1) is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty
and unsafe or unsuitable to use. There are different kinds of .(2) pollution: air pollution,
water pollution, land pollution. Big industrial cities produce a lot of ……(3) every day. If we
do not pay attention to these problems right now, we may face even bigger natural ……(4) in
the future. We should start …..(5) things made of glass, paper, plastic and aluminium. We
should stop smoking and …..(6) as many trees as we can because they can give us more
oxygen. We need to drive less and use public transport in order to ……(7) fuel burning.
With modernization and ….(8) in our lives pollution has reached its peak; giving rise to
….(9) warming and human illness. We are …..(10)for the situation.
2. Выберите наиболее подходящий вариант:
1. If Mark ___ for the job, he would have got it.
A applies B will apply C had applied
2. If he had phoned me, I ___ him the home task.
A would have told B would tell C told
3. They’ll go to the restaurant if they ___ a table in advance.
A would reserve B reserve C reserved
4. If I found a purse, I ___ it back to the owner.
A would give B had given C will give
5. If Mark ___ so much, he would be fit.
A didn’t ate B won’t eat C didn’t eat
6. If you hadn’t left your camera at home, we ___ lots of pictures.
A could took B took C could have taken
7. I ___ in case I am not right.
A has apologized B would apologize C will apologize
8. If I were you, I ___ about the incident.
A wouldn’t have worry B hadn’t have worried C wouldn’t worry
3. Переведите условные предложения всех типов
1. Если бы Джон не потерял номер телефона, он бы позвонил ей.
2. Марк был бы здоровым мужчиной, если бы не курил.
3. Если я пойду в магазин, я куплю новый телефон.