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Презентация "Extreme natural phenomena" 8 класс

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Rainbow at night

Rainbow at night

Is the sailor’s delight.

Rainbow at morning,

Sailor, take warning!

Evening red and morning grey

Are the signs of a bonny day.

Evening grey and morning red

Bring down rain on the

farmer’s head.

Meanings of the words

  • Drought/ draut/ - a period of time without
  • rains
  • Flood/ fl∩d/ - large amount of water that covers an area which is usually dry
  • Tornado/ tƆ:’neidoʊ/ - a violent wind storm which consists of a tall column of air spinning around very fast
  • Tsunami/ tsunami/ - a huge wave caused by an earthquake which flows onto land

Meanings of the words

  • Earthquake /ɜ:’ϴkweik/ -a shaking of the ground
  • Cyclone/ saikloʊn/ - a violent tropical storm in which the air goes round and round
  • Avalanche/ ǽvəla:ntʃ/ - a large mass of snow falling down the side of a mountain
  • Hurricane/ h∩rikən/ an extremely violent wind or storm


1.An eclipse

1.An eclipse

2.A tsunami

3.A typhoon

4.A hurricane

5.A tornado

6.An eruption

7.An earthquake

8.A flood

a. a violent storm with extremely strong winds and heavy rains.

b. a process when a volcano explodes inside and flames, rocks and lava come out of the top.

c. a large amount of water that covers an area that was dry before.

d. a short period when all or part of the Sun or Moon becomes dark because of the positions of the Sun, Moon and Earth in relation to each other.

e. a tropical storm with strong winds

f. a sudden shaking movement of the ground

g. a very strong wind that goes quickly round in a circle or funnel

h. a very large wave that causes a lot of damage when it hits the land

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