Презентация "A danger foreseen is half avoided" 8 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "A danger foreseen is half avoided" 8 класс

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  • Water pollution. People throw out dust into the rivers
  • Air pollution.
  • Big factories pollute the air
  • Noise pollution. There is much noise in the big cities because of air jets, city transport and so on.
  • Litter pollution.
  • People throw away the litter everywhere.

  • What does your family do with rubbish?

  • Do you know about the recycling?

  • The conditionals: the second and the third.
  • The second conditional refers to the present or to the future
  • If Past Simple + would infinitive
  • The third conditional refers to the past
  • If Past Perfect + would have 3 form

  • Complete the sentences.
  • If people thought about the Earth before they throw something away,…
  • If people avoided buying packaging goods,…
  • If people didn’t drop the litter,…

  • Littering in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Platform of Strathfield station in Sydney, Australia.
  • The litter problem on the coast of Guyana
  • The litter currently blighting
  • the English countryside.
  • Land Pollution Province Of Jaen Andalusia Spain

  • Better safe than sorry!
  • All of the owners of the stores must be responsible for the surrounding territory. If they don’t carry out their duties , they will have to pay a fine of 1,000 rubles.
  • To organize the “clean up days”
  • To organize the garbage removal.
  • To establish in the streets the bins for different kinds of litter.

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