Презентация "How do you feel yourself?" 3 класс

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How do you feel yourself? At the fair
  • - ghost train
  • - dodgems
  • - roller- coaster
  • - helter- skelter
  • - candy floss
  • - balloоn
  • - hall of mirrors
How do children feel themselves at the fair? They are excited They are… Hungry You want to eat. Tired You want to sleep. Sick You want to have a glass of water. Frightened You want to go away. Thirsty You want to drink. Cold You want to put on a jacket. Hot You want to eat an ice- cream. Happy You can do everything. Игра Are you… Hungry- голодный Tired- уставший Sick- заболевший Frightened- испуганный Thirsty- испытывающий жажду Hot- жарко Cold- холодно Happy- счастливый Excited- увлеченный Key
  • -g
  • -a
  • -b
  • -c
  • -d
  • -f
  • -e
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