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Презентация "Travelling and Transport" 4 класс

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Phonetic Drill

Travelling and transport

Воеводина Екатерина Александровна

ГОУ СОШ №1378

Г. Москва

Учитель английского языка

Phonetic Drill

[ s] [i:]

A sailor went to sea

To see what he could see,

And all he could see

Was sea, sea, sea


Vocabulary Network

Return, through bus, trip, ship, port, railway station, bus stop, through train, journey, class, boat, tourist class, single, flight, luggage, airport, voyage, ticket, platform, business class

By Bus

  • through bus
  • bus stop
  • return
  • ticket
  • luggage
  • trip
  • single

By Sea

  • ship
  • port
  • boat
  • tourist class
  • luggage
  • voyage
  • ticket
  • business class

By Train

  • return
  • trip
  • railway station
  • through train
  • journey
  • single
  • luggage
  • ticket
  • platform

By Plane

  • journey
  • tourist class
  • flight
  • luggage
  • airport
  • ticket
  • business class

Think of Word Combinations

Adj N

cold luggage

fast ticket

little voice

A /an cheap plate

silver journey

interesting train

weak wind

Talk with your friend


Glad to see you!


Haven’t seen you for ages!

How are you?

I’m fine!


See you!


(That’s) great!

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