Конспект урока "Progress and development" 10 класс

Конспект урока для 10 класса.
Unit 3: Civilisation and progress (М.З. Биболетова Enjoy English 10)
Тема урока: Progress and development.
Identifying aims: 1) Reading skills and strategies
Prereading: thinking about the topic
Whilereading: finding the meaning of new words from context (critical thinking skills)
Postreading: thinking about the topic and indentifying the main idea
2) Language skills: discussing ideas from the reading.
Цели и задачи:1) расширение словарного запаса в рамках темы;
2) развитие функционального чтения;
3) практика устной речи.
Ход урока
Read the text and choose the best title
1. Useful appliances.
2. Well-equipped house.
3. Strange Inventions.
The house, a 200-year-old stone cottage dating from the 19th century, stood alone
on the road outside the village of Lowick. All was dark and quiet on that Saturday evening:
the owners of the cottage were out, and very few cars came that way.
Inside, the house was nicely decorated, warm and cosy, yet at same time a house
of today. Every corner and surface downstairs contained a gadget of some kind: by the
open fireplace in the living room was the latest home cinema system with DVD player; in
the kitchen the microwave oven gleamed on the work surface, and the dishwasher did its
useful work quietly by the sink. The washing machine waited silently for its next load of
dirty clothes, and the vacuum cleaner slept peacefully in the cupboard under the stairs.
Upstairs, Susie’s beloved laptop lay on its bag next to her bed. It was her
connection with friends all over the world, and also what she used for work. In the bedside
cupboard was William’s photographic equipment: his camcorder and his digital camera
with which he recorded all their favourite holiday moments. At least that hobby gave him
a break from the stresses of work.
Suddenly the quiet in the living room was disturbed by a loud whooshing noise and
a flash of bright green light. A youngish man, about 25, with a beard and long hair
appeared. He looked intelligent, although somewhat confused. He shook his head as if
to clear his thoughts and looked slowly around him. Obviously the magic had worked-
good old Wizard Ebeneezer-and he was inside someone’s house. The time machine was
programmed to send him to the 21st century but was this it?
The young man, Zed, picked up a long black thing from a small table. It had
different-coloured buttons on it. Was it a child’s toy? Zed tried pressing the buttons, and
without warning, a picture flashed onto the big black box in the corner, and the sound of
people laughing loudly hit his ears! Quickly he hid behind a large armchair. But then all
the noise faded, and some music came on. Zed realised that the living room was empty.
Then he looked at the box in the corner, and there were some people having a great time.
But they weren’t in the living room, they were inside the box! Zed gave up trying
understand and went into the kitchen.
At that moment, a loud ringing noise came from the hall. Zed raced out of the
kitchen and found where the noise was coming from: a small white thing with numbers
on it. Slowly, Zed put out his hand and picked it up. He heard a voice saying, ‘Hello! Hello!
Is that William? Rob here.’ Zed hesitated. Perhaps he’d better explain to this Rob what
he was doing in the house. ‘Er, hello Rob, er, I’m Zed. William isn’t here, nobody’s here.
I’m looking at all the nice things in the house, and could you tell me please what century
I’m in?’
At the other end of the line, Rob opened his mouth, but no words came out. Then
he shouted down the phone, Who ARE you? This is the 21st century, you’re in my friend’s
house, and I’m calling 999!’ Before Zed could ask what 999 was, Rob had slammed down
the phone. Zed felt a bit frightened. Rob wasn’t very friendly so maybe it was time to
leave. He went back into the living room, took a large key out of his pocket and inserted
it into a green cube. Before turning the key, he picked up the black thing with coloured
buttons and put it in his pocket. “Sorry, William,” he whispered, ”but I must take this back
to show Wizard Edeneezer, otherwise he won’t believe me”
With that, Zed turned the key and, as Rob turned up outside the house together
with a police car, light flashing and siren going, he disappeared in a cloud of green light.
The house lay still and quiet once more. When the police got in and searched the house,
the only thing that was missing was the remote control for the television.
Work in pairs.
I. Choose the best option and complete the sentences.
1.The house in the story seems to be
1.full of useless things.
2.in a row of similar cottages.
3.old and comfortable.
4.old and dirty.
2.The narrator gives us the impression that the equipment in the house
1.doesn’t work very well.
2.hasn’t been used for a long time.
3.should be cleaned.
4.has strangely human characteristics.
3.From the description of the bedroom, we understand that
1. the owners have a large family.
2. William has a lot of free time.
3. Susie works part-time.
4. both Susie and William have job.
4.When Zed pressed the coloured buttons,
1. he switches the television on.
2. he wanted to listen to some music.
3. some people came into the room.
4. he switched the television off.
5.It appears that Zed has come from
1. the future.
2. the past.
3. the next village.
4. another planet
6.Rob probably thought that
1.he had called the wrong number
2.William was playing a trick
3.Zed was from another planet
4.Zed was a criminal
7.Zed took the remote control because
1.he thought it was valuable.
2.he wanted to keep it as a souvenir.
3.he wanted to keep it as proof of the trip.
4.he wanted it for his TV at home.
Work in groups.
2. Make a list of inventions, mentioned in the text. (Выписать из текста
изобретения, электроприборы).
Gadgetes and machines
DVD player
Work in groups.
3. Give short characteristic of the man who was sent to the 21st century. You
may draw his portrait.
Подведение итогов урока (Приложение).
Домашнее задание.
Homework: Technology has become such a big part of your life
that existing without it now seems impossible. Tell us what inventions you can’t
do without. (Без каких приборов и приспособлений вы не можете обойтись
My progress
How have you done the following activities?
quite well ok not very well
1. reading__________________________________________
2. listening_________________________________________
3. speaking_________________________________________
4. writing___________________________________________
5. pairwork_________________________________________
6. groupwork________________________________________
Were you helpful to your classmates? Yes No
What new words have you learnt?__________________________