Презентация "Our Titanic Love affair" 11 класс

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Reading is to the mind

what exercise is to the body.


Phonetic Drills
  • [l] – fell, film, released, love, billion – dollars movie;
  • [t] –Titanic, stiff, at first, tirelessly, best;
  • [r] – great, drag, cried, melodrama;
  • [w] – was, wonderful
  • [ts] – chivk – flick, touching
  • [m] – movie, admission
Speech drill Which types of films do you think are worth seeing?
  • Thriller, Romantic comedy, Historical drama, Science fiction, Action film, Western, Cartoon, Musical, War film, Documentary, Horror film, Melodrama
The article. Our Titanic Love Affair Look at the ex. 6 p.209

Why was James Cameron a little bit Mystified?

  • Use the words in brackets to form the word that fits each space.
  • 1) The film is with tragic _________ (end).
  • 2) It is a good _________ (melodrama) film.
  • 3) How _________ (sob) the film is!
  • 4) It is really __________(billion, dollar) movie
  • 5) I can’t say anything. It is _________(absolute) fantastic.
  • 6) To my mind the film is __________(exciting). I enjoy watching it.
  • 7) The film is __________ (draw) 20 % instead of 2 %
I am a critic!
  • What you can tell your readers to encourage them to watch the film
  • Prepare and tell the story about Russian blockbusters/films
  • Design a poster about it.
  • Line 1. Title – one word. This is the subject matter of your cinquain poem.
  • Line 2. Description – two words Two things that describe your subject.
  • Line 3: Action – three words Three words that describe what your subject likes to do.
  • Line 4: Feeling – four words A factual line about your subject.
  • Line 5: Title – one word. This should be a synonym for your title.