Конспект урока "История нашей станицы" 6 класс

Конспект урока.
Тема: «История нашей станицы»
Тип урока-обобщающий, урок-экскурсия.
Цели и задачи:
Образовательная – совершенствование коммуникативных навыков учащихся
краеведческого материала о родной станице, контроль грамматических
навыков, глаголов настоящего, прошедшего, будущего простого времени.
Развивающая – расширение кругозора учащихся, развитие памяти, мышления
учащихся, развитие умения работать в группах.
Воспитательная воспитание чувства любви к родному краю и чувства
гордости за малую Родину, формирование бережного отношения к
окружающему миру.
Средства ИКТ и интерактивного оборудования : компьютер и
мультимедийная доска.
Раздаточный материал: ромашка с лепестками с заданиями.
Содержание урока:
2.Введение в сюжет урока.
3.Фонетическая зарядка.
4. Презентация №1.
5.Аудирование и беседа по услышанному.
8.Эссе об истории станицы.
9.Выбор пословиц.
11.Домашнее задание.
Ход урока.
1.Организационный момент.
-Good morning, children!I am glad to see you.
-Who is absent today?
-All are present.
-What date is it today?
- It is 26 th of October.
- What day is it today?
- It is Thursday.
- Who is on duty today?
- I am.
- Sasha, come to the blackboard and write down the date, please.
-What season is it now?
-It is autumn .
-What is the weather like today?
- It is cool and fine today.
2. We have an unusual lesson today. We shall go on an excursion round our stanisa
We have visited Great Britain at our lessons. We have learned much about London,
the famous English people and their hobbies. We have got guests from GB today.
We will show them our stanisa.
3. First let’s practice some difficult sounds: /w/,/r/ , /t/ , /dз/.
Work-worked, worker, wheat, wonderful ,were, was, war, unique.
Rye, river, produce, ravines
Teach-taught, finished, tsar ,church , chapel, soldier, gym.
4.Presentation of the project “Our stanitsa”. Учитель готовит проект.
You can see photos of our stanitsa. I shall tell you about it. We are going
sightseeing around our places.
Our stanitsa was founded in 1861 year. The first name was Lower-Farsovskay,
because the first settles inhabited the upper reaches of the Fars (river).
In that year the17
of September Imperator Alexander Second of Russia met with
delegation of Circassians on the plateau Mamruk-Ogoi near the stanitsa of Lower
Farsovskay. After the Emperor’s visited the village was renamed TSARSKAY.
The Chapel was built to commemorate the meeting of Emperor Alexander П with
delegation of Circassions in 1881 year on the plateau Mamruk-Ogoi. With the
high of the plateau are seen spread on the hills the houses, the filds, the gardens
and the ridge Bogatyrka. The Bogatyrka glades are 367 dolmens.
Thus the village acquired an unique attraction.
In 1920 stanitsa Tsarskay got a new name stanitsa Novosvobodnay.
Nowdays Old Chapel is dilapidated .
In 1980 one of the descendants of the Romanov dynasty came in Novosvobodnay
and visited a dilapidated Old Chapel.
5. Учитель:
Let us greet our guests .
(учитель заранее выбирает более подготовленного ученика, и дает ему
карточки с вопросами)
P. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jonh. I am from London. I like music and
sport. Nice to meet you.
Class: Nice to meet you too.
P. My favorite subject is Russian, but I can not understand some things from
project. May I ask questions to you?
Class: Yes, of course .
P. What year was founded your sranitsa ?
P1. It was founded in 1861 year.
P. What was the first name your stanitsa?
P2. It was Lower Farsovskay.
P. What is Fars?
P3. It is river.
P. What year Imperor was in Lower Farsovskay?
P4. It was in 1861 year.
P. What name was Imperor?
P5. His name was Alexander Second.
P.Where did he meet with delegation of Circassions?
P6. He met on the plateau Mamruk-Ogoi.
P. Where is situated Mamruk-Ogoi?
P7. It is situated near the stanitsa .
P.What year was the Chapel built ?
P8. It was built in 1881 year.
P. What year did Tsarskay get new name?
P9. It was in 1920 year.
6.Учитель предлагает игру «Ромашка». Каждый лепесток ромашки разного
цвета, Ребята вытаскивают лепесток и зачитывают вопрос и отвечают.
True or false sentences about our stanitsa.
-Our stanitsa was founded 1881 year.
-Bogatyrka glades is an unique attraction in our stanitsa.
- the surname of Imperator was Romanov.
- True
-Tsarskay got new name in 1861 year.
- False.
- There are 100 dolmens in around our place.
-Old Chapel is historical monument .
- True.
7. Exercises. Let us a short break and do some exercises.
Sasha go to the blackboard. (pupil on duty)
-Hands up, clap(3)
Hands down, s hake(3)
Hands forward, clap(3)
Hands down, shake(3)
Musical pause.
It’s time to listen to the song “London bridge is falling down” . It is an old English
8. Now we will write Issue about our stanitsa . Open your exercise books and
write down the date and the day and write down in the middle of the paper
History of our stanitsa”. You have got only 7 minutes.
Are you ready? Now you will read what you have just written .
9. Choosing the proverb.
The excursion is very interesting and informative ,isn’t it? We have learnt much
today. Look at the blackboard and find the proverb for the lesson as the motto of
our lesson.
-Better late than never.
- East or West, home is best.
-All is well that ends well.
Pupil choose one of 3 proverbs.
10. Reflection.
We have worked hard and have got good marks for the issue. Do you like uor
lesson today? What have you learned at the lesson today?
P. It is wonderful stanitsa we live in.
P. We are proud of our stanitsa and our people.
Homework: Taking more pictures of our stanitsa.
Муниципальное бюджетное образовательно учреждение
Средняя образовательная школа № 10
Конкурс «Регионально-краеведческий компонент на уроке
английского языка»
Тема : « История нашей станицы»
7 класс
Вяльдина Алла Николаевна
Учитель английского языка
2015 год