Внеклассное мероприятие "Good and bad habits" 7 класс

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку на тему
Good and bad habits
Предмет: английский язык
Тема : Good and bad habits
Класс: 7
Цель: Привитие обучающимся здорового образа жизни
Задачи :
Образовательные: дать понятие о наиболее популярных продуктах питания,
полезных и вредных привычках.
Развивающие: развивать мыслительные операции (способность
устанавливать логические связи); развивать личностную активность ,
высказывать свою точку зрения.
Воспитательные: формирование ответственного отношения к здоровью.
Формировать сознание необходимости беречь здоровье, что следует делать /
не делать, чтобы быть здоровым; прививать познавательный интерес, интерес
к творческой деятельности.
Ход урока.
I. Оргмомент.
Good morning, dear girls and boys!
I’m glad to see you in our classroom and I hope you are ready for our competition.
The name of our game is “Good and bad habits”.
Let’s begin!
1) Now guess my words! You give your answers team by team. If you don’t name
this word the other team can guess it and award one point.
A - - - - - l (alcohol)
F - - - e (fibre)
I - - - - - - - - y (inactivity)
O - - - - y (obesity)
S - - - - - g (smoking)
D - - - - - e (disease)
A - - - r (anger)
E - - y (envy)
P - - - e (pride)
2) Choose the words on the right which complete the words on the left (найти
правильный перевод слов)
1)To do morning exercises- a)быть в хорошей форме
2)Good plain food b)алкоголь
3)To eat too much sweets c) молочные продукты
4)To take a cold shower d)есть слишком много сладкого
5)To keep fit e)делать утреннюю зарядку
6)obesity f)вес
7)smoking g)курение
8)alcohol- h)зрение
9)weight i)ожирение
10)eyesight j)легкая еда
11)dairy k)принимать холодный душ
3) There are good and bad health habits. What are they? Match the cards
(работают 2 команды по 6 человек, распределить вредные и полезные
healthy diet, do sports, eating sweets, drinking alcohol, obesity, snacking, eating
breakfast, smoking, taking drugs, skipping breakfast, exercising, eating high fibre
food, physical inactivity, sleeping too much or too little, regular meals, eating
wholemeal bread, sleeping 7 or 8 hours, eating low fat food, getting up early
4)Put in the most suitable word:
If you want to feel fit you'd better ... (1). Everyone must do all he can to be ... (2) .
Good health is better than the best ... (3) . All kinds of ... (4) are very useful to
make our bodies strong. ... (5) must be an important part of our daily life. Good ...
(6) is better than wealth.
Doing sports; health; go in for sport; physical exercises; healthy; medicine
(Проведение физкультминутки)
5) Captains, come to me and choose your task. For each guessed word you get one
point. Let’s start!
- It is a dangerous disease. (6 letters) cancer
- You should reduce it to be healthy. (6 letters) weight
- They are very useful for your health. (8 letters) vitamins
- People use it when they wash they hair. (7 letters) shampoo
- It is one of the modern bad habits. (7 letters) smoking
- You use it when you clean your teeth. (10 letters) toothpaste
6)Your next task is to match the columns and to find the information about
different products and they influence on peoples’ health.
- Carrots… … prevents from colds
- Fruit and vegetables helps to sleep
- Fish … … are rich in vitamins
- Lemons … … are good for your health
- Hot milk with honey … is good for your brain
- Garlic … … are good for your eyes
(Проведение физкультминутки)
7) Complete these healthy eating tips using much, many, little, a lot of.
Don’t Forget:
Too ----- food makes you thin.
Too ----- food makes you fat
Too ----- sweets are bad for you, especially for your teeth.
Eat ----- high fat food and ----- fibre.
----- fruit and vegetables keep you healthy.
Walking ----- makes you fit.
Sleeping too ----- or too ----- can make you nervous and restless.
(Key: little, much, many, little, much, a lot of, much, much, little.)
8) Подведение итогов
Our game is over. What is the score after all rounds?Never try cigarettes and
alcohol, eat healthy food, clean your teeth.Thanks for your work.