Презентация "Edward Jenner" 6 класс

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Edward Jenner Vocabulary Epidemic – эпидемия Terrible – ужасный Rubbish – мусор No wonder – неудивительно To vaccinate – вакцинировать A founder – основатель Translate into English In the old times Terrible epidemics People’s lives In London alone The provincial town To start the experiment

В старые времена

Ужасные эпидемии

Жизни людей

В одном только Лондоне

Провинциальный город

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Answer the questions
  • What happened in the old times in Europe?
  • Why did people become ill and die?
  • Where did Edward Jenner live?
  • Where did he work during the epidemic of smallpox?
  • When did he do the first vaccination?
  • What was the result of vaccinations?
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