Конспект урока "Traveling" 8 класс

Урок на тему Traveling
Цель – формирование лексических навыков.
Задачи урока:
совершенствовать навыки изучающего чтения;
развивать навыки монологической речи.
развивать умение использовать ЛЕ в собственных мини-высказываниях;
извлекать из текста необходимую информацию;
высказывать предположение, прогнозировать;
развивать у учащихся самостоятельное мышление;
развивать у учащихся внимание;
интерес к урокам иностранного языка.
Тип урока- комбинированный
Формы организации- фронтальная, индивидуальная, групповая
Ход урока
Good morning, everybody.
How are you today?
What day is it today?
What date is it today?
Well, now let’s pass on to our lesson. The plan will be the following: at first we are going to do lexical
exercises and do a small dictation, then we’ll read the dialogue at page 92, listen to the text at page 93 and
try to make dialogues with phrases from exercise 3 at page 92. If we have no time for the last exercise it
will be your hometask. Is everything clear?
1.Do you like travelling? Yes, I do/ No, I don’t
2.What activities do you enjoy doing while on holiday? While on holiday, I enjoy seeing famous
landmarks and trying the local cuisine. I enjoy visiting museums and going on guided tours.
3.Where do you like to travel? Do you prefer going abroad or travelling around the country? I
prefer going abroad because there I can learn other people’s culture and traditions.
4.Where did you go last time?- I went to Turkey/ England/ the USA etc.
5. What problems can a man have while travelling? He can lose the way/ lose passport/ miss his
flight/ get sunstroke/ get seasick.
6. Did you have any problems while travelling?- Yes, I did/ No, I didn’t
7. What problems did you have?- I lost my passport/ got sunstroke/ lost the way to the hotel/
missed the flight/ my car broke down.
Now look at the presentation. Connect the first part of the phrase with the second and don’t forget
to place the verb in the right form.
Well done, I give you a minute to revise phrases.
Close everything.
Give me your papers.
OK, now open your books at page 92 and find exercise 5a. You read for Andrew and you read for
That’s enough, now we change roles. You will be Andrew and you will be Isabelle.
Let’s translate the text.
Your marks are…
1.What problems did Isabelle have while being in Greece/ Italy/ Spain?- got sunstroke in Greece,
got seasick on the ferry on the way to Italy, got purse stolen in Barcelona while waiting for a bus.
2.What good experience did Isabelle have while being in Greece/ Italy/ Spain?- Greece was
beautiful, Italians were friendly, Italian cuisine was great.
3. What is she thinking to do next year? She is thinking of going back next year.
Look at page 93, exercise 6. We are going to listen to 5 people; first of all we shall translate the
questions and possible answers.
Shall we listen once more?
Let’s check your answers.
We have time to do exercise 3 at page 92.
Look at the phrases in the box. I am going to read the phrases and you repeat them after me.
Use this phases to make your own short dialogues as in the example. Let’s read it.
Well done, that’s all for today, your home task is on the blackboard.