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FOOD IDIOMS to eat one’s words
  • to publicly admit that something you said was wrong.
  • I told my boss that I would soon quit my job but later I had to eat my words and tell him that I wanted to stay.
 briefly, in a few words
  •  briefly, in a few words
  • We went to the meeting and they told us in a nutshell about the plans for our company.
to salt away
  • to save or gather money or some other item
  • I am salting away much money from my new job.
to spill the beans
  • to reveal the truth or a secret
  • On Monday, I'm going to spill the beans about my travel plans.
to chew the fat
  • to chat with someone
  • We stayed up late last night chewing the fat about our university days.
to use one’s noodle
  • to use one’s brain
  • You're going to have to really use your noodle on this crossword puzzle. It's an extra difficult one.
one smart cookie
  • a very intelligent person
  • Your daughter is one smart cookie. She reads much higher than her grade level.
milk someone for something
  • to pressure someone into giving information or money
  • The man was trying to milk the elderly lady for much of her money.
to wine and dine
  • to treat someone to an expensive meal, to entertain someone in a lavish manner
  • My uncle often has to wine and dine his important business clients.
to eat one's heart out
  • to be envious of someone or something
  • I ate my heart out when I saw my friend's new bicycle.
To cut the mustard
  • to succeed, to do adequately what needs to be done
  • Example: The young man was not able to cut the mustard and he had to leave the army after only a year.
To hit the sauce
  • to drink alcohol regularly
  • Example: I think that my neighbor began to hit the sauce after her husband lost his job.
To be souped up
  • to be made more powerful or stylish
  • Example: The car was souped up with shiny rims and a loud stereo.
Pie in the sky
  • an idea or plan that you think will never happen
  • Example: My cousin’s plans are usually pie in the sky and will never happen.
To have a bun in the oven
  • to be pregnant
  • Example: I don’t think Jan will come to the bar because she has a bun in the oven.
To egg someone on
  • to urge someone to do something
  • Example: The two boys kept throwing stones because the other children were egging them on.
To be full of beans
  • to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm
  • Example: I’ve never met anyone so full of beans before breakfast.
Peach fuzz
  • a small amount of hair growth
  • Example: Mike wants to learn how to shave because he grew some peach fuzz on his chin.
To eat crow
  • to admit that one is mistaken or defeated, to take back a mistaken statement
  • Example: I was forced to eat crow and apologize for the things that I said about my coworker.
To cook someone’s goose
  • to damage or ruin something
  • Example: I think that I cooked my goose when I made a mistake at work today.
Quiz Please do not (tell anyone) about my plans to get married next year.
  • hit the sauce
  • get egg on your face
  • spill the beans
  • eat humble pie
I stopped to (chat) with an old friend on my way to work this morning. 
  • chew the fat
  • eat my words
  • cut the mustard
  • cry over spilt milk
Our boss told everyone that they could have a holiday next week but he later had to (retract what he had said) and cancel it.
  • make his mouth water
  • eat his words
  • polish the apple
  • take it with a grain of salt
I explained (briefly) what my friend needed to know but he still was not satisified.
  • in a nutshell
  • out of the frying pan and into the fire
  • in the soup
  • as cool as a cucumber
I worked all summer and was able to (save) a lot of money to go back to school.
  • butter up
  • egg on
  • take with a grain of salt
  • salt away
  • The kids were … … … (very energetic) after the circus.
  • Except for a bit of … … the baby came out bald.
  • We had to … our friends on before they would come swimming with us.
  • I just found out Anne has a … … … … . I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl.
  • Our neighbor has a lot of stress and recently she has begun to … … … .
  • My friend was told he was not able to … … … and could not join the football team again this year.
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