Конспект урока "We are going to Travel" 5-6 класс

учебник 5-6 кл. М.З. Биболетова
Unit 2
We are going to Travel
Цель урока: комплексное применение знаний и способов деятельности.
· Образовательная цель способствовать формированию умений диалогической
речи по теме: «Мы путешествуем»; совершенствованию навыков говорения и письма.
· Развивающая цель способствовать развитию языковой догадки, памяти, речи и
· Воспитательная цель способствовать развитию навыков слушать друг друга,
Оборудование: доска, компьютер, раздаточный материал, интерактивная доска, мяч.
1. Организационный момент:
Цель: снять напряжение: настроить детей на работу; вести в атмосферу иноязычной
речи, погрузить в языковую среду.
- Good afternoon, boys and girls! (Good afternoon!)
- I am glad to see you.
- Sit down, please.
Today we have an unusual lesson. We have guests. But do not be afraid? Take it easy feel
comfortable and try to show all your knowledge. I am sure you can/
Who is absent today?
What date is it today?
What day of the week is it today?
How are you? What is your mood? How do you feel yourselves?
I am glad to hear it.
Look at the blackboard, please.
Do you know these words? What are your associations with them?
Ok all of them are about traveling.
Do you like to travel? As for me I like it very much.
I propose you to travel today.
2. Фонетическая зарядка:
Цель: подготовить учеников к повторению изученного материала.
First of all lets practice the English sounds. Open your textbooks page 25, exercise 3. Listen to
the speaker and then repeat the words after him.
3. Активизация лексических навыков:
What do we need to travel?
Lets our luggage for today will be our new words. Lets pack things and review new words.
Look here and make word combinations. Make pairs and translate them.
Find the pair. (слайд 1)
a picnic local a date and time
in the hotel group at school
programme social life
work to stay of students
school to arrange football team
4. Актуализация навыков письма:
I think you must know English very well to make our trip to London. You are ready to start our
trip. Take your pens and fill in your badges, please. You have a minute (раздат. материал)
Ok/ Good of you.
5. Развитие навыка диалогической речи:
We are ready to start our trip.
Now imagine that you are at the airport in London. English children meet you here. I give you
some minutes to make shot dialogues. (один из вас встречает гостя, а другой только приехал
из России)
6. Физкультминутка:
Now lets have a little rest. We are in the bus and go to the Mr. Stephen Wooding School.
7. Активизация грамматической структуры»to be going to»
Last lesson we have leant a new grammar structure to be going to. What does it mean in
Lets repeat the verb to be (мяч)
I remember that you like to travel. Tell me What kind of vehicles do you prefer for traveling in
this country? Say I am going to travel by…
8. Групповая работа с текстом.
Do you like our travel? I think that now we must to make our invitation letter for English
schoolchildren. I ll give you a little text but sentences are not in correct order. Make it correct.
9. Подведение итогов, рефлексия.
Tell me, please, what is your mood now? Show me the sad or the merry smile on your badges.
Our lesson is over. Thank you for the work. Good bye, boys! Good bye, girls!
November 14
Dear English Friends,
We Russian schoolchildren would like to invite a group of up to 15
students and 2 teachers from your school to visit us.
We propose that you come for 20 days in summer.
Your group will stay with the families of children from our school.
Our school will be responsible for the costs of accommodation and for
the educational and social programme, as agreed with our partners from
your school.
Yours sincerely
Russian Friends.