Презентация "Present Simple Negative"

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Present Simple Negative The present simple negative is don’t / doesn’t + verb
  • I drink coffee but I don’t drink tea
  • Sue drinks tea but she doesn’t drink coffee.
  • You don’t work very hard.
  • We don’t watch television very often.
  • The weather is usually nice. It doesn’t rain very often.
  • Gerry and Linda don’t know many people.
Remember: Remember: I / we / you / they don’t I don’t like tennis. He / she / it doesn’t He doesn’t like it.
  • I don’t like Fred and Fred doesn’t like me. (not ‘Fred don’t like’)
  • My car doesn’t use much petrol. (not ‘My car don’t use)
  • Sometimes he is late but it doesn’t happen very often.
We use don’t / doesn’t + infinitive (don’t like / doesn’t speak / doesn’t do etc.):
  • I don’t like washing the car. I don’t do it very often.
  • Sandra speaks Spanish but she doesn’t speak Italian. (not ‘doesn’t speaks)
  • Bill doesn't do his job very well. (not ‘Bill doesn’t his job)
  • Paula doesn’t usually have breakfast. (not ‘doesn’t ... has’)
Make the sentences negative. Make the sentences negative.
  • I play the piano very well.
  • Jane plays the piano very well.
  • They know my phone number.
  • We work very hard.
  • He has a bath every day.
  • You do the same thing every day.