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Презентация "Welcome to the yurt" 7 класс

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A lesson-excursion

The 14th of March


The topic:

An excursion

“ Welcome to the yurt”


1. To conduct an excursion around the yurt;

2. To use the vocabulary on the topic “ The


3. To use the Past Simple Tense and the

construction used to in the speech;

4. To have practice in the monologue and

dialogic speech;


Ancestor hole nomad

Chest harness to offer

Custom juniper oriental - robe

Cone kitchen utensils

Felt lamb pillow

Frequent leather to purify

Hostess needle-case partition


  • Reindeer stick truck
  • Resemble sleeve tarpaulic
  • Sacred suitable turned-up
  • Set up superstitious throat-singing
  • Sheep-skin spirit-master waistband
  • Saddle straw whip
  • steel take down yurt

The Past Simple Tense

V2 , -ed

Didn’t + V1

Did + subject + V1 ?

The Past Simple Tense

The tuvan people kept the door open.

V 2, -ed

The costruction Used + to

  • In early times the tuvan people used to keep their door open.

The construction There is / There are

  • There is a fire place in the middle of the yurt.
  • There are no windows in the tuvan yurt.

A tuvan yurt

The structure of the yurt

The interior of the yurt

Tuvan national costumes

A tuvan national winter coat

Tuvan national festive costumes

The national orchestra of Tuva Republic

What have we learnt today?


1. To write a composition “In the yurt”.