Тест "Косвенная речь" 8 класс

1. “I am planning to go to Kenya,” Sally said.
2. “I take my little sister to school every day,” little Anthony said.
3. “You may take my textbook,” Nonna said.
4. “They are playing in the gym now,” Nick said.
5. “I don’t like chocolate,” Mary said.
6. “My sister is ready to go” Helen said.
7. “My mother usually goes shopping on Saturday,” the girl said.
8. “The birds build their nests among the trees,” the teacher said.
9. “I am not married,” Jimmy said.
10. “I can't read these books. I don’t like them,” Petra said.
11. Come home straight after school.
12. Warm up your dinner.
13. Wash up the dishes after the dinner.
14. Buy bread, milk and sugar.
15. Start doing your homework before I come.
16. Take the dog for a walk.
17. Clean your room.
18. Wait for me at home.
The doctor asked me if I slept well.
19. Is anything wrong with you?
20. Do you sometimes have headaches?
21. Are you taking any medicine now?
22. Do you spend much time out- of-doors?
23. Do you do sports?
24. Have you a good appetite?
25. Do you usually go to bed late?
26. Will you follow my advice?
Еxample: How long have you studied at this school?
He asked me how long I had studied at that school.
1. What do you like about your school?
2. What school activity did you have last?
3. What good habits have you formed at school?
4. What is your favorite subject?
5. What is more important for you at school?
6. How often do you go on school trips?
7. What is your school record?
8. What impressed you most in England?
9. When did Rick come home yesterday?
10. Does Megan like travelling?
11. Will you come to my place on Friday?
12. Is it your second visit to England?
13. Why have you come to scotland?
14. Will Molly stay at the hotel long?