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Темаурока «The wild life of Kamchatka»
Good morning, my dear boys and girls! IWhat is the weather like today? How are
you today? Well, We will start our lesson from watching video, then you will tell
me what is the theme of our lesson. Lets start, look at the board.
Our lesson is called “The wild world of Kamchatka”.What do you think, what are
we going to do at the lesson, What do you expect from this lesson.
Pupils: Learn new words and use them in speech; Watch video; play games; get
good marks.
We’ll revise some facts about the geography of Kamchatka, learn and repeat the
words. You will read the text about wild life of Kamchatka.
Активизация лексики.
To work better let’s revise the words. Look at the board, you see some words.
Let’s read them and try to guess the meaning of the word. (слайд 3)
Peninsula Sable Pecularities
Mink availability
Lynx Mammals
Elk beast of prey
Reindeer Remarkable
Sea otter
Try to Make the word combinations or sentences with these words.
What is Kamchatka remarkable for? What is it for you? As for me Kamchatka is
my Motherland. I was born here, live, work, have friends.
Kamchatka is a very beautiful and unique place.
Kamchatka is my native land.
Kamchatka is the best place in the world
Географическое положение Камчатки
I want to invite you to travel around Kamchatka. It will be a travel with some
Teacher asks some questions and shows the presentation about the geography of
Kamchatka. (Приложение 1)
What is the main river? What other rivers do you know?
Where is Kamchatka situated?
What seas and oceans is it washed by?
What are the special sights of Kamchatka?
Pupils answer the questions.
Kamchatka animal kingdom
Kamchatka’s animal kingdom is close to that of taiga. But on the whole the
fauna of the peninsula is typical of island. Of course, the peculiarities of
Kamchatka animal kingdom are connected with its geographical situation, climate,
unusual landscapes and the history of settling. From the snowy mountain tops to
the seacoast the territory of Kamchatka is settled with different animals such as
Brown Bear, Red Fox, Arctic Fox, Hare, Sable, Mink, Wolf, Lynx, Elk, Reindeer,
Snow Sheep, Otter, and others.
Among the largest beasts of prey brown bear is the most famous. One can meet it
on seashore, in the forest, in tundra and on a bank of a river. A bear eats fish,
berries and various roots. Sometimes it attracts wild and domestic animals.
Wolf, fox are also beasts of prey. But the number of their population depends on
the availability of food fish, hares and mice.
A very rare fur beast of prey is lynx. It came from the South.
You can find two kinds of otter: the river-otter which lives only in the fresh water
and the sea-otter which inhabits all the seashore of the Pacific Ocean.
Among the sea mammals are Seal, Fur Seal, Sea-lion, and Sea Otter. There are
different kinds of dolphins, and occasionally, whales.
Now look at the text again and answer my questions:
What kinds of Kamchatka animals can you name?
What animal is the most famous?
Where can you meet brown bear?
Is the population of wolf and fox stable?
Where is Kamchatka lynx from?
We can show everything, how we sleep, how we eat, but can we show the
behavior of wild animals? For example, how it goes, what sounds it makes.
One of you will show and others will try to guess, Who is it? Учитель
показывает первый
Dear boys and girls, imagine that you are working in one of the most famous
magazine in the world «National Geographic». In addition, our boss wants us to
make a great article about wonderful world of Kamchatka. Take your sheets of
paper, colored pencils and do eat. You task will be
1. To make The tittle of the article
2. Try to describe our peninsula as bright as possible
3. Describe the wild life of kamchatka
4. And of course Draw as many pictures as you like.
I give you 10 minutes, then you will show us your mini projects.
Защитапроектов. (8 мин)
Подведение итогов.
Now you can say, that you know all the wild animals, is it so? Lets chek, I
have a crossword, I want you to help me with it.