Конспект урока "Easter" 7 класс скачать

Конспект урока "Easter" 7 класс

Theme:” EASTER “
1. Pronounce the words: Palm, Ascension, Trinity, Resurrection, Lent,
Crucifixion, Easter, commemorate.
2. Find the definitions:
1) Palm Sunday
a) is the Sunday which symbolizes the
union of three persons: Father, Son, and
The Holy Spirit
2) Trinity Sunday
Is the Thursday before Easter when the
clergy presents small purses of money
3) Easter Day
Is a great holiday commemorating the
Resurrection of Christ
4) Monday Thursday
Is a festival celebrating the ascent of
Christ to Heaven/
5) Ascension Day
Is the Sunday before Easter/
3. Give the symbols of Easter: Kulich, Church service, painted eggs,
Easter cards, congratulations and wishes, icons and image of Christ.
4. Do you know:
1) When we celebrate Easter?
(on the 1
Sunday after a full moon falling on or after 21 march)
2) Why we celebrate Easter?
(in honour of Resurrection of Jesus Christ)
3) What people say to each other?
(J. Christ resurrected! Christ is risen! He is risen inleed! He really
4) Why people paint eggs?
(eggs symbolize eternal life)
5. Guess the holiday connected with Easter according to the story:
It is a festival for Christians celebrating the ascent of Christ to heaven. It
is held on the 40
day after resurrection, on the 6
Thursday after
It is a major festival in the Christian church which is celebrated on the 7
Sunday after Easter(it is called Pentecost) The day is named after the
white robes worn by converted to the church.
Its Sunday before Easter. On this Sunday in some churches small crosses,
which are made of palm leaves, are given to members of the
congregation. Such palm branches were thrown on the ground in front
of Christ as he entered Jerusalem.
It’s a great festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. All
people go to each other and say:”Christ is risen” and give painted eggs
as a symbol of eternal life.
( Easter, Ascension Day, White Sunday, Palm Sunday)
6.Make up a story logically connected:
1. Here is how the Holly Bible describes Christ resurrection.
2. That is why people nowadays greet each other by the words: “Christ is
3. Easter is a very popular holiday in Russia and other countries among
religious people.
4. And the expected answer is “He is risen indeed”
5.It has no fixed day.
6. “Suddenly there was a great earthquake and the angel of the Lord
descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone from the
door of the tomb and sat on it. And the angel said,” I know that you seek
Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for he is risen.”
7. It is held on the first Sunday after the date of the first full moon that
occurs on or after March 21
8. People paint eggs and give them to one another as a symbol of eternal