Конспект урока-закрепления "Animals" 10 класс

Урока-закрепления английского языка в 10А классе.
Тема урока « Animals»
Курочкина Н.Ю.
учитель английского языка
Смоленск, 2015
Учебные: автоматизировать употребление лексических единиц по теме
«Животные»; автоматизировать употребление грамматического материала.
Воспитательные: воспитывать доброту и любовь к животным и
окружающему миру.
Развивающие: развивать способности к репродуктивным и продуктивным
речевым действиям; развивать память и мышление.
- развивать произносительные и лексические навыки;
- развивать умения говорения;
- развивать умения работать в паре и в группе.
учебник «Английский нового тысячелетия»/ ”New Millennium English” для 10
класса. Авторы: О.Л. Гроза, М.Л. Мичурина, Т.Н. Рыжкова, Е.Ю. Шалимова.
Ход урока:
1. Организационный момент.
Good afternoon, dear children! I am glad to see you. How are you? Take your
seats, please.
2. Фонетическая зарядка.
Animals play a very important part in our life. Practically everybody likes animals.
Are they our friends?
They are always ready to listen to us, but they don`t say something bad. Does such
attention help us in some situations?
Different people like different animals. What animals can you name? What
animals can be pets?
Some people like dogs, cats, parrots or hamsters, but others unordinary people
keep exotic animals in their houses as pets, for example lions, crocodiles,
monkeys, iguanas.
3. Основная часть.
Well, as you understand, today we`ll speak about animals.
Animals in the human society
Our theme is « Born to live»
What does it mean? (приложение 1) – рассказ учащихся.
According to this text, tell me please
What do we need animals for? (ответы учащихся)
Yes, of course, we need animals for:
1. Power
2. Recreation
3. Companionship
4. Food
5. Clothing
6. Spiritual strength
7. Aesthetic pleasure
Well, we can use animals in our life for different reasons. But also in biology we
have the classification of the animals. Tell me, please, the types of the animals
(ответы учащихся ).
The animals are divided into:
But beside this classification we can divide animals into:
1. Wild
2. Domestic
Call me wild animals, please.
Call me domestic animals, please. (ответы учащихся ).
Thank you very much.
But as you know we live in the century of the commercial exploitation and it is
very dangerous for our animals. Let’s listen to the stories.
Приложение 2 и 3. – рассказы учащихся.
According to these texts we see that our animals are in danger. We use them in
different tests, we kill them for food and clothing, for cosmetics and aesthetic
pleasure. It`s very dangerous, because many types of our animals become extinct.
Let`s take the statistic.
p 113 ex 3(1)- таблица - рассказ по таблице.
p 114 ex 3(3) рассказ учащегося.
Well, we see the picture, but it isn`t very nice for us and for our planet. Many types
of animals will die soon, that`s why we must take care of the animals. They must
live in freedom without huntering and killing.
But in our days many rich people like to have an exotic animals at home as pets.
Many actors, stars, businessmen, politicians prefer to have bobcats, crocodiles,
lions, tigers at home.
But let`s think:
Why do people keep exotic animals at home? (ответы учащихся).
They keep them for different reasons:
1. to look extraordinary;
2. for their status;
3. they think any animal species can be kept as a pet;
4. because they are dangerous but interesting.
Well, let`s imagine that you are a rich man who has a lion as a pet at home.
Let`s listen to him. (приложение 4) - рассказ богача.
Today we`ve invited an expert in wildlife nature and a vet. We decided to listen to
them in a question of keeping exotic animals.
(приложение 5) рассказ эксперта
(приложение 6) рассказ ветеринара.
(приложение 7) рассказ богача.
Thank you our guests, now we see that it`s safer to keep domestic animals as pets.
I know that most of you have your own pets. Tell me, please, about them.
(Рассказы учащихся о домашних животных)
Well, I see that you love your pets and give them your care and love. We
understand that it is safer to have domestic animals, as pets.
But not everybody understand it and very often coming home or to school we can
see such pictures: a lot of homeless dogs and cats are sitting near the rubbish
because they want to eat.
People take animals and then leave them in the streets because they don’t need
them anymore
Let`s listen to the story which had happened with Billy.
P 114 ex 3(2) рассказ учащихся.
It`s very sad. What shall we do it this situation? (ответы учащихся)
In England there are special rescue homes for animals. If you don`t want to have
an animal you mustn`t leave it in the street , you must take it to rescue home,
where it can have food and shelter.
Also there is a special organization RSPCA.
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
This organization is a concerned with the protection of animals.
Now, let`s come to our theme
Born to live
What does it mean? (ответы учащихся).
It means that we must take care of our animals, love them and do everything to
make their life safer and better. I think you have understood it.
Thank you for your job, now we see the result of it. I think we've got a very useful
lesson. I put good and exсellent marks because you were active and made good
Приложение №1.
Ever since true humans appeared on the Earth, they have lived in close association
with other animals. People depend on wild animals for food and clothing. They
also found a source of aesthetic pleasure and spiritual strength. Evidence of this
exists in caves of southern France. People involved veneration of certain animals
(bears, wolfs, eagles) to show their power, wisdom, courage, and speed. Mystical
feelings are reflected in myths and stories for children. Also people used animals
for companionship, recreation and power.
Приложение №2
Despite highly developed technology and agriculture and the domestication of
many species, people depend on wild stock. Unmanaged commercial exploitation
reduced the resources and has driven some species to the edge of extinction. Wild
animals provide recreations: hunting, fishing, bird watching, visiting zoos and
wildlife refuges. Animals are contributed to people`s welfare (health, comfort,
happiness); many of them are used for medical research and for develop drugs.
Приложение №3
Many people think that fashion has nothing to do with the problem of our
environment and there is no connection between exotic animals, plants and
fashion. People always want to look well, but unfortunately they don`t realize how
many animals suffer. The truth is that we use animals for jewellery, clothes,
shampoos, soaps and cosmetics. We use thousand of animals every year for tests.
Some animals go blind or even die from these tests.
Приложение №4
Hi, I`m a businessman. I`m a leader of a rich company. Many of my friends have
pets at home. Some of them, are exotic.
I decided to keep a lion. I bought it for my status. First it was a small lion, looked
like a kitten. My children liked to play with it. But soon it came older and older
and I put it into the cage. It didn`t like the cage and became aggressive. But I don`t
want to give it to the zoo or to the circus because I need it for my job and to look
Приложение №5
I am an expert in wild life nature.
I`m against keeping exotic animals as pets, because almost all exotic animals are
dangerous! And not any species can de kept as pets.
You tell us that you want to look extraordinary, it`s your status. But you don`t
think about your safety and the safety of your family. You tell that it became
aggressive. Yes, that`s true, because it is a wild animal and it was born to live and
to hunt in freedom. The lion can kill you or your family. It can`t move enough
living in the house. It will never be a friend of a man living in the cage. That`s why
you should give it to the zoo or to the circus.
Приложение №6
I`m a vet.
I`m against keeping exotic animals at home. If the lion lives in the flat, it can
become aggressive. It`s good behavior dangers every minute. The animals can be
infected by any infection which is dangerous for surrounding people. The vet can`t
make necessary insulation because it can get an infection in Africa where it lived.
There is a strong smell, a strong noise as if a machine passes. Besides the lion
needs a special care and special conditions but not a cage. That`s why you should
think about your health and the health of your children.
Приложение №7
Well, thank you for your help. I understand that status and extraordioness is
nothing in comparison with my life and health. Tomorrow I will go to the nearest
zoo and give it here. I will buy another pet but not exotic because exotic animals
must live in the wild nature.