Сценарий "Buzz the fly" 3-5 класс

Scene 1.
Butterflies meet Fly The Buzz.
1 butterfly:
- Can you hear this buzzing?
2 butterfly:
- Yes, I can. And why?
3 butterfly:
- Who is buzzing over there?
4 butterfly:
- It must be she! The fly!
2 butterfly:
- Where is she going?
3 butterfly:
- Who ever knows?
1 butterfly:
- She does what she wants and off she goes!
2 butterfly:
- She is so pretty!
- Look! She has a coin.
3 butterfly:
- She has a coin, doesn’t she?
4 butterfly:
- So, where is she going?
Fly The Buzz:
- I am so happy, as I have never been.
I’ve got a coin. This golden Sovereign!
1 butterfly:
Where did you take it?
4 butterfly:
Let us all know!
2 butterfly:
Have you been working hard?
The Fly:
- No, never, no!
Look at my nails,
Look at my hair,
Flies cannot work,
It would be unfair!
The coin? You see,
I was lucky to find it.
Somewhere in the grass,
while crossing the Wildling.
Now/well, I must hurry to visit bazaar.
I am throwing a party and I need “Samovar”!
3 butterfly:
- Sa-mo-vaar?
2 butterfly (explains):
- A Russian tea bucket is called Sa-mo-var.
1 butterfly (excitedly):
- Are you throwing a party?!
The Fly (dancing):
- Yes, I am. Right you are.
Hey little insects! Little bugs, bees and fleas,
Come to my party! Let’s have some tea, please! (Insects come out onto the stage)
Hey little dwellers! Be quick! Hurry up!
Don’t miss the chance!
The flea:
- We need to dress up! (Everybody leaves the stage. The Fly heads for the market.)
Scene 2.
At the market. (A market is very noisy and crowded.)
1 moth:
- Come to the market.
Have what you need.
Choose whatever you like.
2 moth:
- There are so many things indeed.
They are for you to buy.
The grasshopper:
- I am a greengrocer,
Look at my goods.
Apples, bananas,
Mouthwatering fruits!
The ladybird:
- My dear young lady,
Just have a look,
There is a necklace …. (Shows a necklace from flowers.)
The cockroach:
- A cookery book!
The centipede (shoemaker):
- Sandals and slippers, wellington boots!
Waiting for guests?
These are smart party shoes.
The Fly:
- I am in two minds: what shall I buy?
I’ve got just one coin.
I am not a rich fly.
The big brown bug:
- Samovar, samovar!
The Fly:
- A Russian tea bucket?!
The big brown bug:
- Yes, mA’am.
The Fly:
- It’s bizarre!
(in a moment) It isn’t expensive?
The big brown bug:
- It is not. Right you are.
The Fly:
- Then I’ll take it. Keep this (gives the coin), here you are.
(To all the insects):
Well, don’t forget! At my place! Bang on time!
Don’t hesitate! You are all friends of mine! (The fly leaves for home. The insects dance
while picking up their belongings and follow her).
Scene 3.
At the party.
There is a table on the stage. There are different tasty things on the table.
The fly is setting the table.
Aunty Bee:
- Good day! And thank you for inviting us.
You are so kind, Fly The Buzz!
Your birthday seems to be so funny
I’ve brought a little jar of honey.
The centipede:
- Let me present you these new shoes?
The Fly:
- Oh! They are amazing. I love (high) boots!
of the Moths:
- Please take this tasty woolen scarf.
The Fly (looking through the holes):
- I think, I’ll wear it above.
of the moths (apologetically):
- We can’t but eat things of this kind.
of the Moths:
- They are delicious!
The fly:
- Never mind.
The Fly:
- Dear Missis Bee,
Aunty Bee:
- Yes, mA’am?
The Fly:
- Help yourself to cherry jam!
All the insects:
- Cherry jam! Dear bee,
Help yourself to cup of tea!
(Insects are having a nice time.)
Scene 4.
The spider (coming from behind the curtains):
- Cherry jam? Cup of tea?
Insects party! Here! I see!
Precious time! Lucky me!
(To the Fly):
Don’t you want to dance?
The Fiy:
- Not me! (The spider catches the Fly, they dance Tango. He is going to take her away.)
Dear friends! Lend me a hand!
The beetle:
- I have never been her/your friend.
The dragonfly:
- What a black and brown monster?!
The lady bird:
- I’m afraid, forgive me, hostess.
The spider:
- Don’t even think to run away.
I’m not joking. Not today.
Thy Fly:
- My dear guests, sisters and brothers,
I need your help.
The dragonfly:
- Please, ask the others! (Flies away)
Aunty Bee:
- I’m too old to rush and save
1 butterfly:
- Let’s fly away
The Ladybird:
- I can’t be brave!
One cockroach (to the rest):
- We are in danger!
Do like me!
There is a sofa,
Can you see? (Cockroaches run and hide under the sofa on the stage)
(The centipede):
- I have got a lot of legs,
And just one, but clever head.
You’re in trouble, I’m very sorry,
But I must leave you,
Please, don’t worry!
The fly (to the spider):
- Please let me go, don’t be so cruel!
The spider:
- Don’t say a word! Shut up! (The Fly tries to escape.)
Don’t do it!
I will never let you out!
You are all I’ve thought about!
The grasshopper:
- It is high time to find a bush!
It’s my shelter! Shoo! Don’t push!
The mosquito (appears from behind the curtains squeaking):
- That’s a brave mosquito coming!
Who is yelling? Who is crying?
Where is the monster, that wicked guy?
Keep your legs off. Let live The Fly.
Don’t trouble troubles. Look at my sword.
Don’t hesitate! I’ll keep my word.
The spider:
- I’m not ready to fight now.
I have to obey. (The spider crawls away.)
The mosquito (makes The Fly free):
- Don’t be frightened my dear.
I have chased him away.
The Fly:
- Oh! I was terrified.
But I feel relieved now.
How can I thank you?
The mosquito:
- Please, marry me!
- Wow!
The Fly:
- Today, in the morning I went to the market.
I went to the market to buy Samovar.
And then at the party I could kick the bucket,
But met my mosquito
The butterflies:
- Hurray! Hurray!
It’s the party again!
- The party, the party, the party again!