Открытый урок "Tasty treats" 4 класс

Открытый урок по английскому языку в 4 классе
по теме «Tasty treats!»
Оснащение урока: игрушка Ben, картинки по теме, диск к учебнику, грамматическая
Лексика для закрепления: food,bread,tea,meat,cheese,chicken,sweets,breakfast,lunch,dinner,
I like, I don’t like, I’m hungry.
Новая лексика: lemon, beans, mango, butter, coconut, flour, pineapple, olive oil, sugar, salt,
pepper, tomato.
Can you pass me the lemon, please? Sure. Here you are!
Цели и задачи урока:
1) Отработка лексики по теме.
2) Семантизация и активизация новой лексики.
3) Составление монологических мини-высказываний.
4) Отработка речевых структур, изученных ранее.
Ход урока:
1. Орг. момент:
- ) Good morning, dear friends! I’m glad to see you. Sit down please.
- ) How are you today? I think everything is o.k.
- ) What season is it now?
- ) What is the weather like today?
Сообщение целей и задач урока: Today we’ll continue to speak about food and learn
some new words , revise some grammar.
2. Фонетическая зарядка: Let’s try our tongues.
- Repeat each word after me with the correct pronunciation .
meat, tea, she, feet;
pig, think, sit, rabbit;
cheese, chicken, cheeseburger;
pear, pink, potato.
- Well done!
3. Речевая зарядка:
Let’s revise our poems . Tell me, please, what do you like for breakfast?
1) I like ice-cream.
She likes sweets.
I like cookies.
He likes cheese.
I like coffee.
She likes tea.
I love you.
Do you love me?
What does Freddy like for breakfast?
2) Get up , little Freddy.
Breakfast is ready.
Butter and cheese.
All that you, please.
Tea and jam for brother Sam.
Now tell me, please what don’t you like?
3) I don’t like milk.
I don’t like bread.
I don’t like custard on my head.
Thank you.
4. Основная часть.
Повторение лексики.
Children, Ive got a toy. Its a boy. His name is Ben. Look at him. Is Ben happy?
P: No, he isnt happy. He is sad today.
T: He is hungry. Who can lay the table for Ben?
На 1 парте находятся картинки по теме «Еда». По сигналу учителя дети накрывают
«столы». Каждый ребёнок должен выбрать 5 самых «вкусных» продуктов по его мнению.
После того, как столы накрыты, представить свой стол. (Ive got a cup of tea…)
T:Thank you. Now Ben is happy!
T: Now boys and girls, look at the blackboard. Let’s play a game. Find some names of food and
drinks in the wordchain and write them in your copy-books.
T: Make the sentences with these words.
I like I dont likeI hate
5. Повторение местоимений.
Let’s revise pronouns
Я ошибся ай-ай-ай!
Я - местоимение - I
ВЫ не стойте на краю!
ТЫ и вы – иначе You.
Объяснились мы в любви.
Мы - местоимение –We.
Он смеялся хи-хи-хи.
Он - местоимение He.
6. Физкультминутка:
I see you are tired . So let’s have a rest and remember our poem. Stand up, please:
“One, one, one
Little dog runs
Two, two, two
Cats see you.
Three, three, three
Birds on the tree.
Four, four, four
Rats on the floor.
Sit down, please and continue our lesson.
7. Аудирование.
1) Listen to the story and complete your shopping list.
2) And now tell me what would like to buy for breakfast?
8. Подведение итогов урока:
Id like to thank you for our lesson. You ‘ve worked very well today. You know a lot about food,
products, poems about food. You have done many tasks. I liked your answers. Your marks are…
Our lesson is coming to end. Write down your home task:
1) Menu for Ben;
2)Ex.2 P.48 (объяснить д.з.)
That’s all for today. Good-bye.