Сценарий сценки на английском языке "Том не хочет идти в школу" 6 класс

Сценарий сценки на английском языке «Том не
хочет идти в школу»
Ход мероприятия:
1.Организационный момент. Вступительное слово.
Good afternoon, dear guests! We are glad to see you. We are going to present you our interpretation of a short
play Tom doesn’t want to go to school”. After “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by M.Twain. We hope you’ll
have a good time!
2. Драматизация (Приложение).
3. Подведение итогов.
“Our performance is over and we would like to thank our guests and actors. Thank you very much!
Использованная литература- “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by M.Twain , «Весёлый час» М.Куусиниеми.
Sid, his younger brother
Aunt Polly
Marry, a servant Play
Two boys are sitting at the table. Tom is doing his lessons, he is reading a book. Sid is drawing something. Tom
drops his book, stands up and goes up and down on the stage. Then he stops , thinks a little, and smiles in a
cunning way; then the expression on his face changes as if he had a terrible toothache. He groans.
Tom: Sid, oh, Sid!
Sid (is drawing): Yes?
Tom: Oh, Si-i-id…
Sid (getting up and coming up to Tom): Tom! I say, Tom!
Tom (turning away from Sid ) : O-o-oh! (Looks at the public and winks: he wants to say he has
no toothache at all.)
Sid: What is the matter, Tom? (He shakes him and tries to look into his face.)
Tom: Oh, don’t Sid. Don’t shake me!
Sid: Why? What is the matter, Tom? I’ll call Aunt Polly.
Tom: I forgive you everything, Sid. When I am dead…
Sid: Oh, Tom. You are not dying!
Tom: I forgive you everybody, Sid. Tell them so.
Sid runs away for Aunt Polly. Tom quite changes. He stops groaning, he even whistles, then he
hears steps.
Sid: Oh, Aunt Polly, come! Tom is dying!
Aunt Polly: (entering the stage): Dying?
Sid: Yes, come quick!
Aunt Polly: Nonsense, I don’t believe it. (She comes up to TOM.) You Tom! Tom, what is the
matter with you, child?
Tom: Oh, Auntie, my tooth aches awfully.
Aunt Polly: Your tooth? And what is the matter with your tooth?
Tom: It is loose and aches awfully.