Презентация "Сharles Dickens" 9 класс

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  •  Charles Dickens was born in 1812. He lived in the south of England when he was a little boy His father worked in an office. He was a very clever man, but he was very poor. Charles had many brothers and sisters, but he did not often play with them. His father had many books and Charles liked to read them. He learned to read very early.
  • When Charles was 10 years old, his family went to London.
  • There his father got into debt (as he had little money) and then into debtor’s prison. So little Charles began to work when he was ten. That was the beginning of Charles’ hard life. He worked at a small factory in London, pasting labels on blacking bottles.
  • He had to work in a dirty room with no windows. He did not like his work, but he had to work at the factory for two years. Then he went to school for three years, but he did not learn much at school. He learned much at home, from his father and from other clever people.
  • Later he worked as a reporter to the Parliament and became a writer of short stories.
  • In 1837 he published his first novel The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. And the young reporter became a famous writer. Then he published novel after novel — Oliver Twist, Dombey and Son, David Copperfield and many other good books.
  • His books are very interesting, they tell us about the hard life of the poor people in England of that time. When we read his books, we sometimes laugh, but we often want to cry.
  • Charles Dickens died in 1870.
  • He is one of the greatest novelists in the English literature. Dickens lived more than a hundred years ago, but people in the whole world like to read his books today, because in his books he showed a real world and people of Victorian England.
Чарлз Диккенс родился в 1812 году В детстве он жил на юге Англии Его отец работал в конторе. Он был очень умным, но очень бедным человеком. У Чарлза было много братьев и сестер, но он редко с ними играл У его отца была большая библиотека, и Чарлз любил читать. Читать он научился рано. Когда Чарлзу было десять лет, его семья переехала в Лондон. Там его отец залез в долги (поскольку у него было мало денег) и затем попал в долговую тюрьму. Поэтому маленький Чарлз начал работать в десять лет. Это было началом тяжелой жизни Чарлза. В Лондоне он работал на маленькой фабрике, где наклеивал этикетки на бутылочки с ваксой. Ему приходилось работать в грязной комнате, где не было окон. Работа ему не нравилась, но он проработал на фабрике два года. Затем он три года учился в школе, однако там он немногому научился. Гораздо больше он узнал дома, от отца и других умных людей. Позже он работал репортером по вопросам деятельности парламента и начал писать рассказы. В 1837 г. он опубликовал свой первый роман Посмертные записки Пиквикского клуба. И после этого молодой репортер стал известным писателем. Затем он публиковал романы один за другим — Оливер Твист, Домби и сын, Давид Копперфилд и многие другие книги. Его книги очень интересные, в них говорится о тяжелой жизни бедных людей в Англии того времени. Когда мы читаем его книги, то иногда смеемся, но часто нам хочется плакать. Чарлз Диккенс умер в 1870 г. Он является одним из величайших романистов в английской литературе. Диккенс жил более ста лет назад, но и сегодня людям во всем мире нравится читать его книги, потому что в них он показал подлинный мир и людей, живших в викторианской Англии. The most famous novels of Dickens.
  • "Posthumous notes of the Pickwick club" – the first novel of the writer, after the publication of which Dickens was expecting a dizzying success. The work tells the story of the comic epic, the main character is a good-natured, eccentric, moral, impeccably honest, selfless daring, and endlessly naive optimist Mr. Pickwick is the Creator of the club. The novel in its satirical presentation of the life of English society and grotesque the main character is very similar to "don Quixote" of Cervantes.
interesting facts from the life of Charles Dickens.
  • Full name - Charles John Huffam Dickens. 
  • Born to a wealthy family, but spent his childhood in poverty. 
  • Was a very superstitious man. He was touched three times – for luck, considered Friday his lucky day, and the day the last part of the next novel certainly left London. 
  • Always slept head to the North. He also sat down face North when he wrote his great works. 
  • Every 50 lines are written washed down with a SIP of hot water. 
  • Had a strange attachment to the Paris morgue, where he could spend endless days, captured the views of unidentified remains. 
  • Often spontaneously fell into a trance and was prone to visions. 
  • Hated monuments and in his will has forbidden to be erected any statues. 
  • After death was turned into a real idol of English literature. 
  • Most famous works - "Oliver Twist", "David Copperfield", "Great expectations"