Тест "Vocabulary test" 10 класс

Vocabulary test
1. Use the words from the box in the appropriate forms to complete the sentences.
accident beg cursory embarrass fancy
fee precise remain soul twinkle
1. She _____________ the doctor not to tell her husband how ill he was.
2. The entrance _____________ wasn’t very high and we decided to get in.
3. I don’t _____________ going to that dreary house alone.
4. I have been really _____________ by this confession.
5 At that _____________ moment we were interrupted by the telephone.
6. They signed the papers with only a _____________ glance at what I had written.
7. I only came to Liverpool by _____________.
8. The money she had just gave her a chance to keep body and together _____________.
9. Jane noticed a definite _____________ in his eyes at the suggestion.
10. It only _____________ for me to say that all our efforts have been in vain.
2. Match the words in the two columns and complete the sentences with these word
of speaking
on the facts
her living
a fee
you to return
the risk
1. After _____________ of the report for some time he has absolutely changed his point of
2 I was struck by _____________ the old man was wearing.
3. How does she _____________? . I haven’t got I the slightest idea.
4. I think we’ll _____________ of going there though it is rather dangerous.
5. Andrew has a _____________ and his family wished he would change it.
6. Spare me the _____________ to my exhusband.
7. At that _____________ we heard the sound of explosion.
8. I don’t _____________ in such cold water.
9. I _____________ not later than 11 pm.
10. Agencies _____________ to fill in the questioners.
3. Complete the sentences using the appropriate words.
1. I saw street lamps dimly _____________ in black water.
a) brooded b) reflected
2. A _____________ black pig was kept on the farm for its meat.
a) fat b) stout
3. “I’m _____________ certain he’d agree to join us”, Fred said.
a) pretty b) very
4. He stayed in bed for two days _____________ over his failure.
a) brooding b) reecting
5. A _____________ is the money that someone is paid for their job each month.
a) fee b) salary
6. It is reported that Mr Loveday has become a true leader of the
conference. He is really _____________ well spoken of.
a) pretty b) very
7. _____________ are usually paid directly into bank accounts.
a) Fees b) Salaries
8. My music teacher was a _____________ elderly lady.
a) fat b) stout
9. She was _____________ at the same hotel as I was and we often met at the restaurant.
a) remaining b) staying
10. Mrs Oliver _____________ silent for a few minutes, then she sat down on the sofa and
began speaking.
a) remained b) reminded
4. Complete the phrasal verbs in the sentences. Use the appropriate function words
from the box.
out to together up for with
1. You have been speaking for about a quarter of an hour and you haven’t explained
anything yet. Don’t beat about the bush! Stick__________the point, please.
2. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick__________ the boring party.
3. We have always been loyal to each other and I’m sure we’ll stick __________in the future
4. I know you are new in the job but stick __________you’ll be all right.
5. I don’t like the course, but I’ll stick it __________somehow.
6. When everyone else was criticizing Jack, Julia was the only one who stuck__________
7. When they hit you, you should stick__________ crying.
8. Rebecca stuck __________her story and didn’t change a word in it.
9. Fred is always so friendly and loyal, I hope we’ll stick __________forever.
5. Write initial forms for these shortenings:
1. butty _________________________________
2. footie _________________________________
3. biscies_________________________________
4. tatties_________________________________
5. veggies_________________________________
6. lippy_________________________________
7. vac_________________________________
8. cardie_________________________________
9. PC _________________________________
10. the BBC_________________________________
6. Complete the sentences with the appropriate function words from the box.
at by for of on/over
1. __________heaven, he is doing pretty well in this little settlement.
2. I beg you __________forgiveness. I wish I hadn’t done it.
3. We decided to insist on a small fee __________5 pounds per hour.
4. It only remains __________me to say how sorry I am for what has happened__________
all of us.
5. We’ll never take the. risk __________going there without warning them beforehand.
6. Did you go there on purpose? Oh no. I met them at the market purely __________
7. How long are you going to remain in the team? I haven't decided yet. Maybe
__________a month or two.
8. __________that precise moment I understood how happy they both were.
9. You should reflect __________their arguments.
10. They caught sight __________the boat disappearing in the mist.