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Passive Voice Quiz Game

Passive Voice Quiz Game


Неустроева Наталия Николаевна, преподаватель английского языка

ГБПОУ РС (Я) «Финансово-экономический колледж им. И.И. Фадеева»


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Who directed the film Star Wars?

Who played James Bond in the film Casino Royal?

Who played Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” of 2017?

Who wrote “Harry Potter”?

Who wrote “Romeo and Juliette”?

Who wrote “Crime and Punishment”?

Who sang the song “Baby”?

Who sang a famous song “Yesterday”?

Who sang the Titanic song "My Heart will go on"?

Who teaches students?

Who makes computer games?

Who serves food at restaurants?

Who discovered America?

Who discovered the law of gravitation?

Who discovered E=mc2?

Who painted “Mona Lisa”?

Who built the pyramids?

Who invented the light bulb?