Разработка урока "Famous English Poets and Writers" 10 класс

« Famous English Poets and Writers.»
Theme: « Famous English Poets and Writers.»
The aim: Revision and consolidation of passed material.
Tasks: To enlarge knowledge of the English literature and interest to the English
The procedure of the lesson:
Org. moment:
Good morning, dear friends! As usual I’m awfully glad to see you and today we
have our long-expected lesson. We have a lot of guests don’t be shy and try to do
your best.
Now look at the blackboard . Can you name these people? What are they? So, you
certainly guessed the theme of our lesson, didn’t you? Wright you are, the theme of
our lesson is « Famous English Poets and Writers.»
The main part:
I.I want you to watch the fragment of the film and name the main characters and
the genre of it. Well, you have seen the fragment and now answer my questions .
1.What has happened?
2.What did they know about the girl?
3.With the help of what was she killed?
4.How old was the girl?
5.What did she wear?
6. Was she slim?
7.What did Dr. Watson ask Holmes about?
8.Did he agree to go to the hospital?
9. Who is the author of this novel?
II. Last lesson we watched this interview once and now we are going to watch it
for the second time. Be attentive, your task is to answer the questions and then give
the summery of the interview.(Interview with Arthur Conan Doyle)
1) What was Conan Doyle by his first profession?
2) What kind of stories did he used to read occasionally?
3) Why did he not like them?
4) What was Conan Doyle’s idea of a detective?
5) What was the name of some professor at the university?
6) What was the professor famous for?
7) Did Conan Doyle receive letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes?
8) What kind of study did he get interested later?
9) Did he earn his living by writing after he had started studying of the beyond?
10) Why was he so sure of the existence of a spiritual life, life after death?
III. So, we have spoken about the English writer and now let’s listen to the text
about famous Russian poet Nikolai Gumiliov and say which of the statements
below are true and which are false.
1)In the poet’s early years his greatest pleasure was books.
2)The poet began to think about travelling after he visited Tiflis.
3)Tiflis was the place where Nikolai’s poem first came out in print.
4)Nikolai was not an excellent pupil.
5) Annensky was an author.
6)Nikolai’s father wanted his son to see the world, and gave him money to travel to
7)The poet didn’t write to his parents from Africa.
8)The poet did some scientific work in Africa.
IV. Your classmates have prepared presentation about another famous writer,
about Luis Carroll. You are welcome, boys.
V. Let’s relax and see some episodes from the cartoon «Alice in Wonderland.»
VI.As the theme of our lesson is« Famous English Poets and Writers» and you are
very fond of reading, please tell me about your favorite writers.
VII. Ruslan and David often go to the library, let’s listen what they are speaking
about.(The dialogue between pupils)
VIII. I’m very pleased with your answers today, thank you for your work. Your
marks are excellent.
IX. Your home task is to write a composition about your favorite book, don’t
forget to describe the main characters.
Your lesson is over, you are free. See you on Friday.