Контрольная работа "Man and the natural world" 6 класс

6 класс
Контрольная работа "Man and the natural world"
1 Прочитайте текст и выберите лучший подзаголовок к каждому
отрывку. Один заголовок лишний.
a) Animals make the world a richer place.
b) It’s time to change the ways of living on the earth.
c) Pollution is dangerous for everybody.
d) The bigger population of the earth, the fewer animals live on it.
Pollution Nowadays
1. Pollution. How dangerous is it? Pollution of our land, seas, rivers and sky is
getting worse and worse. We are making our world a much dirtier place, so many
animals cannot live in it. Pollution is bad for all of us. It is killing animals. Sooner
or later it is going to kill people too.
2. The number of people in the world is getting bigger all the time. More people in
bigger cities take more land and make more pollution. So, we are destroying the
natural habitats of animals very fast. Where can the animals go? In the end, the
answer is often nowhere ... and the animals die.
3. It is just the time to begin thinking about our future. Let’s change. Let’s begin to
think of new ways of living and working. Let’s make our world a nicer place for
all living things.
2 Прочитайте текст и отметьте True или False.
Why Are Animals in Danger?
A million years ago there were a lot more species of animals than there are now.
Of course, some species disappear naturally but today they are disappearing faster
than before.
Animals are m danger because we, people, can’t protect them. There are certainly
changes in the weather and some animals die because of these changes but there
are a lot of endangered animals because people do not think about them, they don t
take care of animals.
We put new buildings on empty land, we make new roads, we move rivers, we
take away trees. In fact we destroy the animals’ natural habitats. We are taking the
natural homes of animals very fast. Sometimes we take animals from their natural
home to a different country. In this new home, other animals do not know the
newcomer and are not afraid of it. Black rats went by ship from Asia to the
Galapagos Islands and killed many different species of birds. Some of those birds
lived nowhere but on the Galapagos, and after the rats came they disappeared.
In many countries people make a lot of money from animals. Many animals are in
danger because their coats are beautiful and some people would like to have them,
to put in their houses or to wear.
1) There were more animals on our planet than there are now.
2) People can protect all the animals.
3) Some animals disappear because of the weather changes.
4) Black rats built the habitats of many birds.
5) Many birds on the Galapagos Islands disappeared because black rats had come
to the islands.
6) Black rats had never lived on the Galapagos Islands before some ships brought
some of them from Asia.
7) People kill animals because they need food.
3. Выберите правильный вариант.
1. Mary never … to work by car.
a) go b) do goes c) does d) goes
2. He … chocolate.
a) likes not b) not like c) don’t like d) doesn’t like
3. We always … to bed early.
a) goes b) doesn’t go c) go d) goes
4. Jerry … a lot last year.
a) travelled b) travels c) travelling d) did travel
5. Mum … any gifts yesterday.
a) brought not b) didn’t bring c) doesn’t bring d) didn’t brought
6. Where … this book?
a) did you find b) you did find c) found you d) did you found
7. What flat … in?
a) did he lived b) does he live c) did he lives d) does he lived
8. Valery … at home last Sunday, she went to a party.
a) didn’t stayed b) didn’t stays c) didn’t stay d) did stay not
9. How is Ben? … him on Monday?
a) Was you see b) Did you see c) Do you see d) Are you see
10. My friend and I … to read English books.
a) like b) likes c) doesn’t like d) didn’t liked
4. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Passive Voice.
1) Hockey (to play) in winter.
2) Many houses (to build) in our town every year.
3) Mushrooms (to gather) in autumn.
4) Flowers (to sell) in shops and in the streets.
5) Bread (to eat) every day.
5. Раскройте скобки, употребляя требующуюся форму прилагательного.
1) My sister is the (tall) girl in her class.
2) This is the (beautiful) dress I have ever seen in my life.
3) Your English is now (good) than it was last year.
4) Oil is (light) than water.
5) The (tall) trees in the world grow in California.
6. Вставьте правильную форму местоимения.
1) The old woman lived alone, with no one to look after ___ .
2) When the little boy grabbed the lizard, its tail broke off in ___ hand.
3) You don't need to help them. They can do it ___.
4) My grandparents live in London. ___ often come and see us.
5) She lives in Australia now with ___ family.