Презентация "Earth Day" 5 класс

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The 22 nd of April is Earth Day! I’m a friend of the Earth.

Earth Day is a very special day.

On this day, people think about air, water to drink, food , animals and plants.

What is the purpose of Earth Day? How did it start?

Earth Day is also the time to remember that we share the Earth, our home, with millions of other plants and animals.

That is why so many people care about

nature and the environment, they gather to DO things.

The Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. Now this holiday is popular in many countries of the world.

Many people think that Earth Day should be every day.

I completely agree with them!

Stop killing forests

Animals and birds

Wildlife’s in danger

Don’t poison the air,

The air your children breathe.

They deserve a good place

To realise their dreams.

I want to be a friend,

A friend of the Earth.

And you can too!

I want to be a friend,

A friend of the Earth.

Earth Day

Every Day

POEM Our Family Comes From Around The World….. Our hair is straight Our hair is curled Our eyes are brown Our eyes are blue We`re short and tall We`re young and old We`re everything that we can be And still we are a family We laugh and cry We work and play We help each other every day The world is a lovely place to be Because we are a family