Презентация "Простое прошедшее время" 6 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Глагол to be
  • I am was
  • He, she, it is was
  • We are were
  • You are were
  • They are were
little Слова маркеры Yesterday The day before yesterday Ago two days ago a week ago – three weeks ago a month ago – two months ago a year ago – ten years ago Last last week, last year, last month, last summer Правильные глаголы
  • Глагол + окончание ed
  • Played играл
  • Lived жил
  • Walked гулял
Как читать? После глухих согласных звуков – [t] helped После гласных и звонких согласных звуков – [d] opened После звуков [t] и [d] - [id] wanted Правила правописания clean cleaned stop stopped 1-1-1 fly flied y i play played Отрицательные предложения played did not play went did not go did not didn’t Вопросительные предложения Tim played tennis. Did Tim play tennis? Tim went to school. Did Tim go to school? Yes, he did. No, he didn’t. + Ved/V2 + Ved/V2 - didn’t + V ? Did V?