Презентация "The plural number of nouns" 3 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
The plural number of nouns To some nouns we can not add ending s, we can add only es. They are words with x, ss, sh, ch glass-glasses dish-dishes box-boxes sandwich-sandwiches The words with y and f
  • If the word ends with y, we change it for i and add es.
  • Baby-babies
  • teddy-teddies
  • If the word ends with f we change it for v and es
  • wolf-wolves
  • shelf-shelves
Read and choose.
  • 1. This is Mary’s baby/babies.
  • 2. Where are the glass/glasses.
  • 3. Whose is this box/boxes?
  • 4. Bring me two dish/dishes.
  • 5. I’ve got two shelf/shelves in my room.
  • 6. Look at these baby/babies.
There is and There are We use there is with a noun in singular number
  • There is a glass in the cupboard.
  • There is a mirror in the living room.
  • We use there are when a noun in plural form.
  • There are two fridges in the kitchen.
  • There are four shelves on the table.
Complete the sentences
  • There … two (sandwich) in the lunchbox.
  • There … a (box) over there.
  • There … three (dish) in the cupboard.
  • There … five (shelf) in the bedroom.
  • There … a (cooker) in the kitchen.
  • There … a (glass) on the fridge.