Конспект урока "Экскурсия для иностранных гостей" 9 класс

Конспект урока английского языка
в 9 «Б» классе
ГБОУ Школы №1368
Тема урока: «Экскурсия для иностранных гостей»
Учитель: Гвоздецкая Р.М.
Дата проведения: 19.11.15.
Theme: “Out and about in Moscow”
Grammar: the Passive Voice
Цели урока:
1. Совершенствование навыков монологической речи (презентация
2. Тренировка грамматических навыков по теме «Пассивный залог»;
3. Активизация лексических навыков.
4. Тренировка навыков аудирования.
Ход урока:
I. Организационный момент.
-Good morning, boys and girls!
-Today is a lovely morning, isn’t it?
-How are you?
-Who is on duty today?
Today we’ll prepare an excursion about the places of interest in Moscow for our
foreign guests and learn to use the sentences in the Passive Voice.
II. Фонетическая зарядка.
Let’s review the irregular verbs now. I’ll name the irregular verbs in Russian and
you’ll name the 1-st, the 2-nd and the 3-rd forms of them.
III. Речевая разминка (презентация 1).
Now it’s time to speak about Grammar. We’ll speak about the Passive Voice. I
would like to remind you that we use it when we don’t know or care who the
“DOER” of the action is. And when the action itself is more important than who
does or did it.
I want you to look at the whiteboard. You’ll see some pictures on it. Try to
describe these pictures using the Passive Voice.
(На доске появляются картинки, каждая из которых сопровождается
обстоятельством времени. Ученики составляют предложения для их
описания, используя пассивный залог).
IV. Тренировка грамматических навыков по теме «Пассивный залог»
(Презентация 2).
Now I want to offer you another exercise. You’ll see some sentences in the Active
Voice. You have to change them using the Passive Voice.
V. Совершенствование навыков монологической речи.
Now let’s have a talk about our native city, about Moscow.
Do you like it? Do you know Moscow well? Do you know its history? Who founded
our city? (Prince Yuri Dolgoruky). When was it? (in 1147).
I think any Moscovite [‘mлskэvait]has his/her favorite place in Moscow.
As for me, my favorite place in Moscow is Kolomenskoye. It’s an excellent
historical place. I like to walk there. Unfortunately I visit it not often because I’m
too busy at my work. But when I have a chance to go to Kolomenskoye, I do it
with great pleasure.
So, pretend that your English friend has come to see you in Moscow. What would
you show him/her in our city? What would you tell him/her about?
Your home task was to make presentations about your favorite places in Moscow.
Now we would like to watch them and to listen to your stories.
(Идет просмотр нескольких презентаций).
VI. Развитие навыков аудирования.
Now let’s listen to the interview with Philippe, a Frenchman who is in love with
Russia. Complete the sentences.
(Выполняем упр. 103 стр.46 из учебника).
VII. Работа с тетрадью.
Р.Т. стр.18-19 упр.2, 4.
VIII. Подведение итогов.
That’s all for today. Your home task is ex.109 p.49.
You were active. Thank you for your work. Your marks are…
I wish you good luck. The lesson is over. Goodbye.