Презентация "Speaking Exam" 5 класс

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Speaking Exam Topics
  • Continents and countries
  • English speaking countries
  • Protection of animals
  • Protection of the planet
  • The UK
  • Political system of the UK
  • British way of life
  • Healthy way of life
Continents and countries
  • Planet from the space
  • Continents
  • Countries
  • Nationalities/languages/traditions/customs
English speaking countries
  • Most popular language
  • Native language - English speaking (+examples)
  • Differences between British English and American English (+ examples)
  • If you would like to visit any ESC
Animals in danger
  • -why wild animals are dangerous;
  • -why many wild animals are disappearing;
  • -why people hunt animals;
  • -what animals are in danger; (examples)
  • -what people must do to protect nature (shoulв/shouldn’t)
Protection of the planet It is a true fact that our planet is in danger. People all over the world try to save it from pollution. People should think more about plants and animals on Earth as their life is in danger and they should save it for the future. Everyone knows that water is important for people and their life but not everyone knows how to protect it. It is quite common when people cannot swim in the sea because it is polluted. In many places on Earth the water is not good for drinking and cooking. Lake Baikal is in great danger because of the factories near it. They make the water so dirty that fish and other animals die in such water. The climate on the planet has changed. The temperature grows by 3-4 degrees every year. People and their activity also do a lot of harm for nature. They cut down forests to build houses and farms. Many factories send a lot of smoke into the atmosphere, it is very bad for the air and people who breathe it .






cut down,


the temperature …



Plant trees, take care of forests and animals

British way of life People know a lot about British traditions and customs. British are special people. They accept everything with a sense of humour. You can offend them if you tell they have no sense of humour. They hardly ever tell lies but they don’t tell you the truth either. English people don’t like to speak about their families and private life. They never show off their knowledge. They prefer to discuss weather. Everyone in England likes cats. They keep them as pets and take care of them. Good manners are very important for the English. For example, good table manners are more important than good food. The English are proud of their traditions and customs and they carefully keep them. Healthy way of life
  • Our health is very important for our life and we should take care of it. Modern people often have headaches, toothaches, problems with eyes, lungs, bones and other illnesses.
  • Firstly, they don’t have regular meals. They would rather have some snack with a sandwich, chips and other junk food. This is bad for our stomach and teeth.
  • Secondly, modern people spend too much time in front of the computer or TV. This is bad for our eyes. Besides, we don’t have enough physical activities. This is bad for our body.
  • Many people smoke and drink alcohol. It makes harm to the lungs and brain. It is also dangerous for people who don’t smoke but live together or near the smokers. They can get the same illnesses.
  • If people want to be strong and health, they should follow some rules. People should eat right food such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy products. It’s better to limit such things as chocolate, sweets, cakes, fast food and gas water.
  • Sports, games and exercises are very useful for keeping fit. Besides, playing active games with friends is a great pleasure.
  • If we follow these rules we’ll be healthy and cheerful.
The UK -is situated -consists of (countries /capitals) -other big cities - population (people/nationalities/languages) -symbols Political system
  • The official head of the state
  • The real power (British government with the Prime Minister and The Parliament (The House of Lords and The House of Commons)
  • The Commonwealth (was founded/includes/head of the Commonwealth)