Презентация "Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin" 5-7 класс

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Date of birth: the 6th of June 1799

Place of birth: Moscow,

The Russian Empire

Date of death: the 29th of

January 1837

Place of death: St. Petersburg

Pushkin A. S. grew up in a well-educated family. When he was twelve he was sent to school named ‘Imperial Lyceum of Tsarskoye Selo’.

The spirit of honour and friendship created a special atmosphere in the lyceum.

Pushkin kept lyceum friendship all his life.

Being adult Pushkin became politically active person, he supported the Decembrist revolt of 1825 and wrote political poems. For that he had to spend in exile six years of his life. Being exiled, he wrote about life of simple Russian people, about history and traditions of his country.

In 1831 he married Natalya

Nikolayevna Goncharova.

Pushkin had four children in

the marriage.

In 1837 he was killed

in a duel defending his wife’s honor.

Pushkin wrote more than 78 long poems, 1 novel in verse, about 20 novels and 20 fairy-tales,

8 dramas and 8 historic works, and countless articles and shorter poems.


He was a great

national poet.

He is a respectful

person all over the world.

(A monument in Addis-Ababa)

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