Презентация "My pets" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
My pets. Цели и задачи урока:
  • актуализация грамматических навыков по времени Present Perfect;
  • развитие лексических навыков;
  • развитие внимания и памяти;
  • тренировка навыка чтения с полным пониманием прочитанного;
  • тренировка навыков в монологической речи;
Let’s remember English sounds and words:
  • [i:] feed, please, teach
  • [i] fish, kitten, give
  • [p] puppy, parrot, play
  • [f] fish, feed, for, give
  • [w] walk, wash, water
  • [ae] catch, cat, black
  • [k] clever, kind, talk, take
Arrange the words in pairs. You must say:
  • Exsample: A cow has a calf.
  • A cat a chicken
  • A pig a mouse
  • A sheep a kid
  • A goat a kitten
  • A dog a piglet
  • A mouse a lamb
  • A duck a puppy
  • A hen a ducking
We should take care of animals
  • Feed animals properly;
  • Clean up their cages;
  • Wash and brash them;
  • Play with them;
  • Take to the vet;
  • Talk to animals;
We should We should We should We should Let’s remember Present Perfect write sentences using already or just
  • Exsample: Don’t forget to feed you hamster. I’ve just fed it.
  • Don’t forget to take your puppy for a walk.
  • Don’t forget to clean the parrot’s cage.
  • Would you like to buy a good watchdog?
  • Don’t forget to take your cat to the vet.
It’s time to relax.
  • Can you hop like a rabbit?
  • Can you jump like a frog?
  • Can you run like a dog?
  • Can you fly like a bird?
  • Can you swim like a fish?
  • Can you be like a good child?
  • As still as you wish?
Choose the correct variant:
  • 1 Diamond and Prim were...
  • a) Cats b) rabbits c) dogs
  • 2 Diamond and Prim became famous of their...
  • a) Habits b) masters c) kindness
  • 3 Diamond was...
  • a) Lord Byron’s pet b) Isaac Newton’s pet c) Charles Dicken’s pet
  • 4 Diamond is well-known because he once...
  • a) Spoiled his masters works b) asked a lot of questions
  • c) Made a lot of very important discoveries
  • 5 Prim was ...
  • a) Charlie Chaplin’s pet b) Lord Byron’s pet c) Isaac Newton’s pet
  • 6) Prim is famous because he...
  • a) Translated poems into many languages b) was a great poet c) was master’s beloved pet
Thank you for your work.
  • Mind the clock
  • And keep the rule:
  • Try to come
  • In time to school!
  • Our lesson is over. Good-bye, boys and girls!