Презентация "Robin Hood" 6 класс

Подписи к слайдам:

Robin Hood

  • Robin and the foresters
  • Wedding in the forest
  • The golden arrow


Put the sentences in the right order:


  • Robert had to run away.
  • Robert went to live to his neighbour’s house.
  • Robert killed the King’s deer.
  • Robert was born to a family of a noble man.
  • Robert gathered his band of merry men.
  • Rob’s parents died.
  • Robert got his new name.
  • Rob left home to become a King’s forester.
  • Rob met the foresters.

Put the sentences in the right order:


  • Robert borrowed Alan’s harp.
  • Alan and Ellen got married.
  • Alan-a-Dale told Robert the story of his life.
  • Alan-a-Dale was brought to Robin.
  • Robert’s heart ached for all poor people of the country.
  • A picturesque procession came to the church.
  • Robert decided to help Alan-a-Dale.
  • Robert hurried to the church.
  • Robert blew the horn three times.

Put the sentences in the right order:

  • Robin Hood wanted to take part in the match and show his archery skill.
  • Robin dressed in red clothes.
  • Robin shot an arrow with a message to the Sheriff’s window.
  • Robin Hood won the golden arrow.
  • Sheriff of Nottingham wanted to catch Robin Hood.
  • Sheriff of Nottingham organized the shooting match.
  • The arrow struck a roasted duck.
  • Robin wanted Sheriff of Nottingham to know who was the best archer in the country.
  • Sheriff of Nottingham went to Prince John for advice.




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